Defects and deformations of the maxillofacial area

Prices for services
Service Price, грн
Dermoplasty 2 category of complexity 11680 To order
Dermoplasty 1 category of complexity 6830 To order
Tooth extraction 1200 To order
Atypical tooth extraction 5000 To order
Disclosure of superficial abscess or phlegmon of the maxillofacial region 6050 To order
Disclosure of Deep abscess or phlegmon of the maxillofacial region 10090 To order
Jaw necroectomy 16800 To order
Open reduction, osteosynthesis of lower jaw bone in the angle and chin area (for one osteosynthesis zone, fixation cost excluded) 7390 To order
Open reposition, osteosynthesis of the lower jaw in the region of the articular apophysis of the lower jaw (for one zone of osteosynthesis without the cost of fixators) 14100 To order
Open reduction, osteosynthesis in articular head area (for one osteosynthesis zone, fixation cost excluded) 19500 To order
Open reposition, osteosynthesis of the upper jaw (without the cost of fixators) 10090 To order
Removal of the neoplasm of the oral cavity or skin surface 3500 To order
Removal of jaw tumour 10000 To order
Resection of upper jaw bone 34540 To order
Resection of lower jaw bone 25140 To order
Resection of the lower jaw with a one-stage reconstruction (without the cost of fixators) 47990 To order
Genioplasty (fixation cost excluded) 31860 To order
Removal of defects and deformations of the palate (without the cost of osteoplastic materials) 23530 To order
Maxillo-facial surgeon consultation 990 To order
Registration of the position of the upper jaw using the facial arc 860 To order
Paediatric frenuloplasty 4300 To order
Unilateral cheiloplasty 36820 To order
Bilateral cheiloplasty 55220 To order
Uranostaphyloplasty 31300 To order

It is one of the most complicated from a professional point of view and socially important pathologies of maxillo-facial surgery. The treatment of such pathologies in maxillo-facial area is aimed not only at normalization of functions, but also recovery of facial aesthetics and improvement of the quality of the patient’s life. Reparative surgery requires high professionalism and thorough pre-operational planning.

Reparative surgery is indicated in case of:

  • congenital facial anomalies;
  • defects (of soft or bone tissues) after the definitive treatment of facial and neck tumors;
  • defects and deformations that have occurred as the result of sustained facial injuries.

Possibilities of provision of assistance to the patients with facial defects and deformations at Dobrobut clinic chain:

  • thorough pre-operational planning of the upcoming surgical intervention with the use of digital technologies;
  • inviting the doctors of various specialties (microvascular surgeons, neurosurgeons, otorhinolaryngologists, etc.);
  • replacement of defects of soft tissues or facial bones using microvascular techniques;
  • manufacturing of individualized constructions (endoprostheses, templates; fixators, etc.).

Our advantages

  • The team of highly qualified doctors
  • Our own critical care department
  • Use of digital technologies in the planning of surgical interventions
  • Treatment in compliance with international standards
  • Multidisciplinary approach
  • Treatment with reference to individual characteristics of every patient


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