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Our history

Medical centre "Dobrobut" has been successfully functioning since 2001. It was founded in Kyiv as a private ambulance station. From the very beginning, the experts and employees were set for rendering the highest quality medical full-scale aid, including outpatient and in-patient treatment. Just considering this fact the new subdivisions were opened, and qualified medical officers were engaged.

For more than 9 years of functioning the following structural subdivisions were opened:

  • First aid station in Yalta (2003);
  • In-patient clinic with out-patient department (2004);
  • Paediatric in-patient clinic with paediatric first aid service in Kyiv (2005);
  • Out-patient department in Yalta (2003 - 2012);
  • Out-patient department for adults in Kyiv (2007);
  • Out-patient department, therapeutic in-patient clinic in Donetsk (2008-2014);
  • Child's clinic in Kyiv (2009);
  • Child's polyclinic in Kyiv (2011);
  • Child's clinic in Kyiv (2011);
  • Adult's polyclinic in Kyiv (2011).
  • Child's polyclinic in Kyiv (2013);
  • Health Care Center and 24/7 Hospital at Solomenka (2016)
  • Oncological Clinical Center (2016)
  • Cardiac Surgery Center (2016)
  • Clinical Center of Neurology, Neurorehabilitation and Restorative Medicine (2016)
  • Polyclinic for Children at Obolon (2016)
  • Surgical wing in Health Care Center at Solomenka (2017)
  • Clinical Vertebrology Center (2017)
  • Family Health Care Center at Sviatoshyne (2017)
  • Expert and Health Care Center (2017)
  • Family Health Care Center at Obolon (2018)
  • “Pediatrics of Special Development” Dobrobut Center (2018)
  • Family Health Care Center at Sofiivska Borshchahivka (2019)
  • Dobrobut Dentistry DDC in Kyiv (2019)
  • Family Health Care Center at Holosiivo (2019)
  • merger with BORIS Clinic (2019)
  • merger with Doctor Sam clinic chain (2020)
  • Center for Dermatology and Cosmetology "Dobrobut" (2020)
  • first private COVID-19 hospital (2020)
  • Family Health Care Center in Irpin (2021)
  • Dobrobut Dentistry DDC in Irpin (2021)
  • Family Health Care Center in Brovary (2021)
  • Innovation Center heart and blood vessels surgery (2021)
  • Family Health Care Center at Vyshgorodska (2021)

In 2004 Medical centre "Dobrobut" modified its logotype, style, and slogan and development strategy in the market. We "humanized" our logotype as: sacrificial Danko` heart, bringing it to people that is not only ancient wise legend filled with profound sense - this is the very philosophy of our company.

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