Mobile application "Dobrobut"

Convenient access to digital medical services on your phone - appointment booking with a doctor at any "Dobrobut" clinic, viewing consultative conclusions and test results, payment for services, booking online consultations with a doctor, and much more useful features.

We offer a mobile application for users of Android and iOS platforms.

Save your time and download the mobile app:

Appointment booking with "Dobrobut" doctor

The "Dobrobut" application has a simple, intuitive interface and convenient navigation.

To make an appointment with a "Dobrobut" doctor, it is enough to register in the user's personal account, choose an appointment with a doctor or the necessary specialization, clinic, desired service, and a convenient date and time for the visit.

Profile data management

In the user's personal account in the "Dobrobut" mobile application, it is possible to:

  • view basic profile information;
  • take (or select on a smartphone) and place a photo in the profile;
  • read the message from the clinic;
  • update contact information;
  • change login or password.

You can attach the medical cards of your children and other family members to your profile after verification. Thanks to the possibility of opening multiple profiles, you can collect medical cards of the entire family in one place, as well as make appointments for treatment and pay for it from one account.

Working with documents

The "Documents" section is designed for storing and viewing doctor's notes made after each visit. You can view advisory opinions, test results, research, and other medical documents. Using the "My files" button, you can upload additional documents that will be saved.

Appointment for an online doctor's explanation

In the "Dobrobut" mobile app, you can book an online consultation with a doctor. To do this, simply choose a doctor, a convenient date and time for the online consultation, and pay for the service. The online consultation is conducted in the form of a chat, audio or video communication, and the choice of communication type is left up to the doctor.

Any patient can receive an online consultation with a doctor, either in the format of primary consultation or in case of a confirmed diagnosis.

The online consultation with a doctor is solely informational and is not a clinical diagnosis or a form of medical assistance (medical service). Online consultation with a doctor does not replace a physical examination by a doctor..

Management of visits

In the "Visits" section of the Dobrobut mobile application, we offer the opportunity to sign up for a visit, pay for services, and edit the visit (reschedule or cancel) as needed. Also, for your convenience, you can add a visit to the doctor to your phone calendar.

Payment of services

In the "Payment" section of the Dobrobut mobile application, you can add a bank card to make payments, make online payments for medical services, and view the history of paid services.

The main advantages of the application

  • Quick appointment without calling the contact center
  • Review of doctor's conclusions, research results
  • Online payment for medical services
  • Convenient selection of doctors, services and clinics for booking
  • Online explanation of doctors
  • Family medical records in one place

How to install the "Dobrobut" mobile application on your smartphone

In order to start using the Dobrobut mobile application, you must:

  1. Download the "Dobrobut" application from Google Play or App Store;
  2. Open it and click “Registration” active string in the bottom of the screen;
  3. Enter your data (surname, first name, middle name, date of birth, gender, and phone number), and, having agreed to the terms of the contract, click the "Next" button;
  4. Wait for SMS with the registration code that you will receive on the specified number, type it in the corresponding field on the tab for choosing login and password;
  5. Create a login and password - they must contain at least one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter and one number. The password must be at least 8 characters long;
  6. Finish your registration by pressing “Next” button;
  7. Authorize by entering your profile with your login and password.

Save time and make using medical services as comfortable as possible with our mobile application!

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