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Stories of war

The war took all of us by surprise and have made everyone equal regardless of status and place of work. Especially vulnerable in this situation are people who needed medical care, waited for a planned operation or medical treatment. We have decided to share with you the stories of the people which our team helped in these terrible times. Noone of Ukrainians is alone today - we are all together.

The story of Vira

Thanks to the cooperation of Dobrobut with international funds Direct Relief International, Children of War Foundation and University of Miami Global Institute Vira, like many other Ukrainians, has got a chance to conduct necessary medical operation on time and free of charge. Now Vira is already at home, close to her relatives and friends."This is the second operation which was provided in Dobrobut. And now I've been rescued again. Dobrobut team is the best! From management and doctors to nurses who will always help, advise and support. I am very grateful to everyone, especially to doctors Olena Samokhvalova and anesthesiologist Svetlana Fesenko."

The story of Oleksandr Vasylovych

On April 1, late in the evening, Oleksandr Vasylovych felt severe chest pain and called for emergency care, which confirmed acute coronary syndrome, myocardial infarction.

In a critical situation, every minute is important, so, without any delay, the family decided to go to Dobrobut hospital.

Oleksandr Vasylovych underwent emergency surgery to stent the coronary vessels. The situation was difficult due to the severity of the heart attack, multivascular lesions and the age of the patient, but the operation was successful. It is important that all the necessary consumables for the operation are selected individually by doctors for each patient, they are disposable and available in Dobrobut, despite the difficult wartime.

Thanks to the cooperation of Dobrobut with international funds Direct Relief International, Children of War Foundation and University of Miami Global Institute necessary medical operation was free of charge. Now Oleksandr Vasylovych is already at home, trying to go for a short walks in spring Kyiv, because moderate-intensity cardio load is important for a healthy heart."Dobrobut has changed my attitude to Ukrainian medicine. Even when you are sick, you feel weak and vulnerable, you are treated like a human. Thank you to the team of doctors who rescued me, Andriy Basatskyi and Olena Shapovalova, as well as nurses and medical brothers who were nearby these days".

The story of Vladyslav

But a russian cluster bomb and missiles fired by russia to the full of women, children and the elderly Kramatorsk railway station has changed his life. When Vladyslav got out from under the body of a man who was thrown directly at him by an explosion, he saw a complete horror around him - dead people, severed limbs, blood. Blood was flowing from both of the man’s legs. His mother, who found her injured son in complete chaos, found a belt, from which they made harnesses to stop the bleeding.

Already in the ambulance, which took Vladyslav to the hospital in Pavlograd, it turned out that in the back, pelvis and legs of the man stuck fragments of a russian bomb. The situation was very serious, but there were not enough necessary medicines due to the extraordinary number of victims. So, the fragment that broke Vladyslav's tias was pulled out without anesthesia.Surgical team of the medical center Dobrobut recovered about 8 pieces of debris from Vladyslav's body - all of them were stuck next to vital organs and miraculously did not damage the lungs and liver. With the remaining 20 pieces of debris, the man will have to live a lifetime - it is too dangerous to remove them. In Dobrobut, the man undergoes long-term physical rehabilitation free of charge and receives all the necessary medical care. He dreams to get back on his feet, to join the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and to defend his country with weapons in his hands.

The mother of the injured man learned from volunteers that in Kyiv in Dobrobut hospital due to the support of American charitable foundation Direct Relief International medical care to victims of war is provided free of charge. Soon they were taken to Kyiv to Dobrobut hospital.

The story of Mykola Petrovych

About a year ago Mykola Petrovych had a heart attack. The man was treated medically, but this did not help to minimize the negative consequences of the disease. The war caused even more stress and significantly affected the health of Mykola Petrovych. Even with minimal physical exertion, the man felt chest pain every time.

After meeting with Andriy Basatskyi, a vascular surgeon at Dobrobut, it was decided to perform surgery to stent the coronary vessels.
Surgery was difficult due to severe vascular lesions (chronic occlusion) and overweight of the patient. People weighing more than 110 kilograms will often be denied surgery. But the team of surgeons of Dobrobut decided not to retreat and successfully performed the operation.The very next day Mykola Petrovychh felt much better, the pain disappeared and the man was discharged from hospital treatment to his home.

Mykola Petrovych's operation at Dobrobut was performed free of charge, as well as for the hundreds of other patients, thanks to cooperation with the Direct Relief International Foundation.

The story of Natalia and Bogdan

In early February, Bogdan had a relapse - he became much worse, began seizures of epilepsy, hallucinations. A few weeks later, russia began shelling the entire territory of Ukraine and Brovary, where the family lived, found themselves in one of the epicenters of the war.

Near the house of Natalia and Bogdan, a missile fell, their house was damaged by an explosive wave. With the sound of shelling and past the columns of smoke, the family went to Kyiv.

Due to the constant bombardment for weeks, it was not possible to record Bogdan for examination. When the man finally managed to get an MRI, he was found to have metastases all over his spinal cord.

Bogdan needed constant care of specialists, painkillers and medicines. Neither Natalia nor her elderly mother knew where to turn or what to do.

After difficult weeks at home, they learned about free of charge palliative care program for patients in Dobrobut. The head of the palliative department Zoya Maksimova immediately agreed to accept Bogdan in our hospice.

Now the best medical specialists care about Bogdan. Unfortunately, he is in a very serious condition, so he needs continuous care and medical treatment. In addition to medical staff, one of the relatives is constantly near the man. The whole team of the department and the family support Bohdan and do everything possible.

Such stories help not to forget that in parallel with the war with russia, many Ukrainians are waging their own small, but no less terrible wars with other enemies - diseases.

We thank the charitable foundation Tabletochki for supporting palliative department of Dobrobut for Bohdan and other people suffering from serious and incurable diseases. Together we help such people to live with dignity the remaining time, surrounded by a loving family and the care of professional medical staff.

The story of Olga

Olga is 66 years old, a few years ago she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. But this winter in the life of a woman there were two more tragedies - the death of her mother and the war.

Olga lives in Kyiv and at the time of the russian attack she was at home alone. Relatives went to the village, but to go with them for Olga would mean to stay away from medical institutions and pharmacies with the necessary medicines.

All the time Olga was in touch with Zoe Maksymova - the head of Dobrobut palliative department. Zoe helped the woman to find medication, advised what to do to feel better.

In May Olga could no longer fully move and serve herself. Painkillers didn't help. When a place in Dobrobut palliative department was vacated, Zoe invited Olga to join it, according to a free of charge program funded by Tabletochki Foundation.

Previously, Olga negatively perceived the medical sphere, because she often faced rudeness and unprofessionalism. But now she has changed her mind because she is convinced that there are many more good people than bad people.

The story of Dmytro

The soldier was injured in the area of Kherson region when his unit was attacked by a sabotage and reconnaissance group. Enemy bullets and grenades, which attacked our defenders, seriously injured Dmytro's back and head.

The friends took the soldier to a medical institution in Mykolaiv, then he was hospitalized to Odesa. And a few days later, the volunteer helped the defender to get to Dobrobut hospital in Kyiv for free of charge treatment.

Neurosurgeon and head of the neurosurgical department of Dobrobut hospital Oleg Mamenko performed Dmitry surgery on the lower back, from where he pulled out a fragment. Unfortunately, the operation on the wound of the head, which the man had done earlier, was unsuccessful, so Dr. Mamenko re-operated the head of the fighter.

The treatment was successful. Dmytro spent three weeks in Dobrobut hospital, where he practiced with a speech therapist in order to quickly restore speech after an injury and received the necessary medicines.

Now the fighter is already at home, adapting to life after injury. The defender is not returned to the Armed Forces, but he insisted on working as an instructor. Soon Dmytro plans to train fighters from the Kyiv Territorial Defense Forces.

We thank Dmytro and all defenders of Ukraine! We do everything in our power to be a reliable rear for you.

Dobrobut hospital continues to provide free of charge treatment to Ukrainians with the support of the charitable foundation Direct Relief International.

The story of Volodymyr, Yuliya and Igor

Unfortunately, everyone in that car died. The hospitallers, who were traveling in the second car, were lucky to escape. With numerous injuries, the doctors were evacuated to the field hospital, then to the nearest hospital, where they were promptly provided with medical care.

Yana Zinkevich, the founder of the Hospitallers, appealed to Dobrobut with a request to complete the treatment of wounded doctors. Thanks to the support of the Direct Relief Charitable Foundation, Dobrobut is able to provide free of charge medical care to seriously wounded Ukrainians.

On June 13, Volodymyr, Yulia and Igor were hospitalized to Dobrobut hospital in Kyiv. Volodymyr was most seriously injured - the man's eyes and forearms were struck by debris and he also had a concussion. After examinations, Dobrobut doctors also diagnosed a cyst of the frontal sinus.

Igor also had numerous shrapnel wounds and concussion. Julia has a cranial injury, a small fracture and torn ligaments on both legs. All hospitallers received the necessary medicines and treatment. Volodymyr also underwent a planned operation to remove the cyst. Volodymyr and Igor have already left Dobrobut hospital. Now the men are recovering and preparing to return to work in the battalion.

Julia is still in the clinic - waiting for Brostrom's surgery. This is a medical procedure to restore ligaments on the ankle joint. After the operation, you will still need at least 4 weeks of rehabilitation period.

However, all doctors are determined to immediately return to work in the battalion. "If I can do this job, I have to do it. Because who if not me," says Julia.

We do not cease to admire the courage of Ukrainian defenders. We are happy to help our heroes.

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