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Diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorders by the ADOS methodology (Diagnostic test for Autism Spectrum Disorder)

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The diagnosis of the autistic spectrum disorders by the ADOS methodology (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule) gives the opportunity to identify and determine the degree of the autistic spectrum disorder in a child (and an adult) of any age.

Diagnostics consists of various kinds of activity that allow a specialist to observe social and communicative child’s skills and diagnose the entire spectrum of perseverant disorders related to the autistic spectrum disorders.

The diagnosis is based on the international criteria for determining mental disorders and helps to identify both the main and accompanying symptoms of autism, i.e.:

  • problems with social interaction;
  • perseverations (compulsion to repeat phrases or actions);
  • somatosensory disorders;
  • atypical communication and development;
  • mood and disorders related thereto;
  • problems with attention and security.

The service may be provided to a kid from 12 months and is carried out in the presence of parents after consulting a special psychologist or psychiatrist in case of suspected autistic spectrum disorders (ASD). The diagnostic meeting with a patient lasts 60-120 minutes. The service has no contraindications, but a specialist has a right to cancel testing based on the mental status and condition of a child.

Diagnosis may require from two to three appointments 60 minutes each. Psychologist specifies the number of appointments during the first diagnosis consultation .


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