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Angiopulmonography, ventriculography and aortography

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The procedure provides for the minimally invasive endovascular, diagnostic intervention performed in an operating room, under local anesthesia and intravenous anesthesia (if needed), by a surgical team (surgeon, surgical nurse) to diagnose the damage to main arteries or a structural pathology of the heart. A surgeon performs the puncture of the radial artery or the common femoral artery transcutaneously with a hydrophilic conductor with the diameter of 0.035’’ introducing a PigTail diagnostic catheter into the target examination area. A surgeon performs the selective angiography of the target arterial basin and cardiac chambers using a diagnostic catheter and a syringe injector. The examination is performed under the control of radioscopy and X-ray radiography in various projections. After the examination the surgical instruments are removed, and the hemostasis of the vascular access is performed. Indications for the procedure: data of the clinical picture, of the echocardiographic examination of coronary vessels.

Service duration: 30 to 40 minutes.

Special aspects of service provision

The procedure has no age restrictions. Contraindications for the procedure: absolute – allergic reactions to contrast agents, active infectious process. Appointment for the surgical intervention is carried out only after a check-up by a specialist cardiac surgeon of Dobrobut clinic chain.

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Bablyak Oleksandr

Bablyak Oleksandr

Cardiac surgeon of the highest category, professor of medical sciences English-speaking

27 years of practice

Anikieieva Tatiana Vladimirovna

Anikieieva Tatiana Vladimirovna

Therapist, rheumatologist, MD, PhD

20 years of practice

​Shapovalova Elena  Andreevna

​Shapovalova Elena Andreevna

Cardiovascular surgeon

11 years of practice

Matsyuk Bogdan Vladimirovich

Matsyuk Bogdan Vladimirovich

Cardiac surgeon, endovascular surgeon

11 years of practice

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