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Angioplasty and stenting of renal and mesenteric arteries

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Stenting of the renal and mesenteric arteries is a modern and effective method of treating vascular lumen narrowing and restoring normal blood flow. The essence of the intervention is to expand the lumen of the artery by introducing an elastic balloon catheter and a mesh metal frame for fixation - a stent. The operation is carried out without incisions, through punctures under the control of an X-ray machine, and has a minimal risk of complications, which significantly improves the quality of life of patients. At the same time, the cost of stenting of renal and mesenteric vessels in Ukraine is quite affordable.

Indications and contraindications for surgery

The main indication for stenting of the renal artery is an atherosclerotic lesion of the vessel, and as a result, renovascular hypertension.

Stenting of mesenteric arteries is performed in case of stenosis of the abdominal trunk with chronic abdominal ischemia syndrome or as a stage in the treatment of mesenteric thrombosis.

Contraindications to stenting are:

  • an allergic reaction to the components of the contrast agent (iodine);
  • acute infectious disease;
  • the patient's serious condition, accompanied by a drop in blood pressure, impaired consciousness, shock, hepatic, renal, or respiratory failure;
  • violation of blood coagulation processes.

Preparing for surgery

The preparatory stage includes a specialist consultation and passing several examinations. It will be necessary to pass a general and biochemical analysis of blood, urine, coagulogram. Instrumental examinations include ECG, chest radiography, ultrasound of the abdominal cavity and kidneys, MR or CT angiography, and duplex Doppler ultrasonography. If necessary, the doctor prescribes additional examinations and consultations of related specialists. It is necessary to notify the specialist about all the drugs you are taking on an ongoing basis and any allergic reactions available to you.

On the eve of the operation, it is recommended to refrain from eating and drinking for at least 8 hours. No other preparation is required.

How is the intervention carried out

The stenting is performed under local anesthesia. The surgeon punctures the femoral artery through which a catheter with a balloon and a stent are inserted. Under the control of an x-ray machine, the catheter is advanced to the site of the artery stenosis. Once in the area of narrowing, the surgeon inflates the balloon until the lumen of the vessel expands. A stent is placed at the site of expansion to fix the vascular wall and ensure normal patency.

Endovascular stenting of renal and mesenteric arteries has several advantages:

  • high efficiency;
  • minimally invasive, since the operation is carried out through punctures;
  • the possibility of carrying out under local anesthesia;
  • reduced operational risk and risk of complications;
  • shortened rehabilitation period.

Postoperative period

After the stenting procedure, the patient is prescribed several medications that must be taken regularly to reduce the risk of complications. It is recommended to consume a lot of fluids immediately after the operation to remove the contrast from the body. For several weeks, it will be necessary to limit heavy physical activity.

How much does stenting of renal and mesenteric arteries cost in Kyiv?

You can perform renal artery stenting at an affordable price in Kyiv in the Dobrobut network of medical clinics. The final cost of the intervention is influenced by the pre-and postoperative examinations, as well as the used set for stenting.

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