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Kolotenko Inna Aleksandrovna

Doctor information: Kolotenko Inna Aleksandrovna

A.A. Bogomolets National Medical University

Areas of professional development:

  • graduated from A.A. Bogomolets National Medical University in 2000-2005, graduated from the residency at the Shupyk National Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education in 2007;
  • member of the Ukrainian Academy of Periodontology, a representative of the Kyiv UAP Center, since 2017 a member of the Association of Periodontists of Ukraine, since 2018 a supervisor of the Kyiv UAP Center;
  • attended courses, seminars, lectures, master classes and other relevant events:
    • Endodontics by the Book. Insights and Secrets (Belograd, Kyiv, 2010);
    • Ultrasonics – an avidence-based approach to non surgical periodontal therapy, Linda C. Niessen;
    • Restoration of contact point (Kyiv, 2014);
    • New complex of endodontic procedures, S. Geranin (Kyiv, 2015);
    • Modern opportunities of endodontic treatment and postendodontic teeth rehabilitation, R. Popov, (Kyiv, 2015);
    • Isolation of Operating Field (Kyiv, 2015);
    • Fundamentals of Anterior Teeth Restorations, Roman Popov (Kyiv, 2015);
    • Total Implantation and Load, Sobolevsky (Kyiv, 2016);
    • Endodontic Symposium in the Framework of the Medvin exhibition (Kyiv, 2016);
    • Multistomatology (Belograd, Kyiv, 2016);
    • Periodontology to all (Kyiv, 2016);
    • ABC of Manual Scaling, Т. Volynska, PerioSchool (Kyiv, 2016 );
    • “Non-surgical periodontology. The basic concept of hygienic reception ”, T. Volinskaya. PerioSchool (Kiev, 2016;
    • The Vector Method (Bethingham, 2016);
    • Emergency Aid in Dentistry, Medical Canter Dobrobut (Kyiv, 2016);
    • Periocampus Ukraine. Periodontology: good practice on solid ground, prof. Filippo Graziani (Kyiv, 2017);
    • Use of laser technologies in dentristry (Kyiv);
    • Modern approaches to diagnosis and treatment of polymorbid patients with concomitant pathology of paradontosis and internal organs (Kyiv, 2017);
    • Plasmolifting in dentistry(Kyiv, 2017);
    • Day of practical periodontology» (Kyiv, 2017);
    • Synergy of business and art in dentistry”, Oscar Gonzalez Martin, Albert Vaning (Kyiv, 2017);
    • Day of periodontics. Periodontal surgery (Kyiv, 2017);
    • Direct restoration, Dr. Bogachuk (Kyiv, 2017);
    • The 4th National Ukrainian Dental Congress (Kyiv, 2017);
    • Effective communication with patients, business coach Olga Petrova (2017);
    • Perio.Orto.Prothetika (Kyiv, 2017);
    • Periodontal grafting for orthodontic patients, Dr. Marianna Evans (Vinnitsa 2017 );
    • Ultrasonics: An Evidenced Based Approach to Non Surgical Periodontal Therapy (Kyiv, 2017);
    • Photograph as the way of communication in dentistry”, Y. Solomiychuk (Kyiv, 2017);
    • EPF EuroPerio, the 9th scientific session, 20 hours (Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2018);
    • Opening of the Ukrainian Academy of Periodontology (Kyiv, 2018);
    • Modern periodontology and implanting, Prof. Niklaus Lang (Lviv, 2018);
    • Whitening from scientific standpoint, Glinski (Amelit) (Kyiv, 2018);
    • Opening of Kyiv Oblast Dentistry Center (Belaya Tserkov, 2018);
    • Fundamentals of surgical dentistry. Philosophy. Cuts. Stitch. Suppuration. Yu. Obukhovsky, Perio School (2018);
    • Sales concept in multidiscilinary treatment plan, L. Dakhno (2018);
    • Dental treatment specifics in pregnant women in full, Oksana Shekera, PhD (medicine), Assistant Professor (Kyiv, 2018);
    • Meeting of the Ukrainian Academy of Periodontology units, Dental Education Clinic UAP (Vinnitsa, 2018 );
    • Periocampus Ukraine, Prof. Filippo Graziani (Lviv, 2018);
    • INSPE OPEN AIR (Lviv, 2018);
    • Diseases of mucous tunic of mouth, Oksana Shekera, PhD (medicine), Assistant Professor IMA (Kyiv, 2018);
    • Innovation approaches to treatment of periodontal disease: from Perio- to Impla-», EPF, Shupyk National Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education (Kyiv, 2018);
    • Immune-allergic aspects of inflammation of the oral mucosa and nasopharynx. Perio School USMA&I (Kyiv, 2018);
    • Team approach in rehabilitation of perio-patients UAP (Lviv, 2018);
    • Non-surgical periodontology , UAP, (Kyiv, 2018);
    • Migovo2: mode rnnew concepts in dental implantation. Bicon TS Dental Group (2018 );
    • Diode Laser, dr. Tsoma, Edulase Educational Center (Kyiv, 2018);
    • Migovo 3 (2019);
    • Providing first aid, All-Ukrainian Union of Paramedics (2019);
    • Rubberdamology, Dr. Maxim (Belograd 2019);
    • Muco-gingival surgery, Dino Calzavara (2019);
    • INSPE OPEN AIR (2019)
  • teaches at the training course of dentist’s assistants (DEC)
  • proficient in English, studies Italian, receives foreign patients

Priority areas in clinical practice:

  • periodontology

Common complaints:

  • periodontitis;
  • prevention of dental diseases

Dobrobut Medical Center strengths

“I appreciate advanced equipment and understanding of the importance of teamwork by all participants. Every patient received much attention.”

Trends in dentistry

“Currently, attention is paid to the relation of periodontal diseases with internal diseases.”

Specifics of working with patients

“Delicacy is important in my work. Also periodontitis has no acute symptoms for some time.”

Doctor’s advice

“Don’t self-medicate! Look for your knowledgeable doctor.”

About work

"A good doctor sees the disease at its the early stages.”

About hobbies

“Life is motion. I am fond of traveling, horses, flowers and painting.”

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