Kliachkivskyi Dmytro Nikolaevich

Kliachkivskyi Dmytro Nikolaevich

Doctor information: Kliachkivskyi Dmytro Nikolaevich

Work experience: 4 years


  • 2013-2019 - National Medical University named after O.O. Bogomolets;
  • 2019-2021 - internship at the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after P.L. Shupyka and the ENT department of the Dobrobut clinic.

Membership in associations, societies; attending conferences, thematic improvement courses:

  • Participation in annual conferences of the Ukrainian Scientific Medical Society of Otorhinolaryngologists;
  • Participation in international conferences and congresses;
  • Participant of the III Ukrainian otolaryngological course "Endoscopic surgery of the nose and ear" (2019);
  • Participant of the 13th Congress of Otorhinolaryngologists of Ukraine.

Priority areas in clinical practice:

  • Conservative and surgical methods of treatment of ENT diseases.
  • Endoscopic examination of ENT organs.
  • Major surgical interventions: septoplasty; tonsillectomy by classical and coblation methods; adenotomy by classical/shaver/coblation method; vasotomy of the lower nasal conchas by surgical/coblation method; polypetmoidectomy, endoscopic microhymorotomy, ethmoidotomy, sphenotomy, frontotomy for removal of cysts, polyps, neoplasms, foreign bodies; uvulopalatoplasty for snoring.
  • Small surgical interventions: removal of foreign bodies and small formations of the nasal and oral cavities; tympanopuncture and paracentesis of the tympanic membrane; opening of the furuncle of the ear, nose; opening of an abscess: nasal septum, paratonsillar; tympanopuncture and paracentesis of the tympanic membrane.

Tell us about your professional interests other than your specialization:

  • Reconstructive surgery.
  • Sleep disorders and their treatment.
  • Allergology.

Hobbies, favorite movies, books:

  • Hobbies - travel, cars, basketball.

Doctor's advice:

  • A timely visit to the doctor is the key to a successful and quick recovery.

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