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Buharina Evgenia Nikolayevna

Doctor information: Buharina Evgenia Nikolayevna


Lugansk State Medical University.

Foreign experience:

  • Management of foreign patients
  • Priority areas in clinical practice and spectrum of consultative assistance:
  • the entire spectrum of pediatrics;
  • monitoring children under 1 year old;
  • patronage of newborns;
  • feeding children up to 1 year old;
  • immunization;
  • treatment of diseases of young children;
  • treatment of diseases of the respiratory system;
  • treatment of allergic diseases

Specifics of working with patients

“Our patients, due to their age, cannot say where it hurts. But, as the saying runs, we were just taught to be able to understand "what and why." The main difficulty is the adults with whom our small patients come, they sometimes complicate the work of the doctor.”

Doctor’s advice

“When children get sick not often, then everyone is happy. The doctors are pleased by this fact, because it makes them know that they are not working in vain, and then parents are also happy and calm. Therefore, the most important thing is to monitor the health of your child. That is, to visit doctors in time when there appear any problems. No need to cope on your own or with the help of recommendations from the Internet. It is always necessary to adequately assess the condition of a child. In this case, panic is a very serious enemy.”

About work

“I think it’s important to explain to parents all the medical aspects. But, not all parents can correctly perceive the information that the doctor is trying to convey to them. It’s good that now there is the Internet: it is both an assistant and an enemy. Sometimes, parents, after reading something on the Internet, get well-versed in the problem, and sometimes, they begin to prove that they are right, but not medical specialists.

Therefore, it is very important to explain to parents what is going on with the child, why one medicine helps and another does not. Thanks to this information, they, probably, will less refer to other, not too reliable sources of information.”

“A doctor should never be satisfied with what has already been achieved. He/she should always upgrade his/her skills, systematically read medical literature. In my case, these are, most often, online versions of recognized medical journals. I also read the magazine "Child Health", "Chief Physician", "Health Protection". I try to attend conferences, lectures.”

About hobbies

“We are all different people. I am not one of those who can after leaving the clinic forget about work. Leaving the clinic, I still keep thinking, remembering my patients. I'm worried, just I did not see something, misunderstood or overlooked. Therefore, given the hectic business schedule, it turned out that the family became my hobby. Nevertheless, I am trying to devote the maximum time to this hobby. Like all parents, I walk with my children, go to the cinema and various entertainment centers.”

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Patients' opinion about: Buharina Evgenia Nikolayevna

Price / Quality
Наш Любимый педиатр! Человек с душой и профессионал высокого уровня. Без лишних назначений и горы лекарств при элементарном насморке. Наблюдали старшего ребёнка , сейчас и с младшей тоже только к Евгении Николаевне . А ещё часто в разговоре от знакомых слышу хвалебные отзывы о педиатре и оказывается это Бухарина Е. Н. прям приятно что мы тоже наблюдаемся у лучшего доктора по деткам . Спасибо ☺️
Татьяно, дякуємо Вам за теплий відгук і високу оцінку професіоналізму Євгенії Миколаївни. Слова вдячності пацієнтів і довіра - найбільша нагорода для лікаря.
З повагою, департамент контролю якості сервісу та клієнтського обслуговування
Price / Quality
Наш любимый доктор! Спасибо большое, Евгении Николаевне! Отличный специалист, внимательная, спокойная, выслушает, объяснит всё без спешки! Отдельная благодарностью за подход к ребёнку! Ведёмся с рождения, сын с радостью идёт к доктору, каждый поход в удовольствие!
Анно, дякуємо Вам за теплі слова на адресу лікаря і довіру. Бажаємо Вашому синочку рости здоровеньким.
З повагою, департамент контролю якості сервісу та клієнтського обслуговування
Price / Quality
Хочу выразить благодарность Евгении Николаевне. За отзывчивость, взаимопонимание. Спасибо Вам большое что всегда в трудную минуту помогаете. Я очень рада, что есть такие врачи как Вы.
Виктория, спасибо за отзыв и слова благодарности в адрес доктора.
С уважением, департамент по контролю качества медицинского обслуживания.
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