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In today's world, about 80% of the population has malocclusion. This is not a disease, but only a feature of development that can be corrected. The earlier you start to correct occlusion anomalies - the easier and faster you can give your teeth a healthy position. One of the most effective ways to correct the bite in childhood is the use of orthodontic plates - a structure that is made by individual casts of teeth, and consists of a plastic base and metal arches. They demonstrate effective results in correcting occlusal defects in patients aged 6 to 14 years. It does not make sense to install the plates later than this age, as the formation of the dental system is completed and the technique will be ineffective.

Indications for the installation of a children's plate:

  • change in the shape of the upper or lower jaw;
  • slowing down or accelerating the development of the jaw, the growth of some teeth;
  • palate width correction;
  • congestion of deciduous teeth;
  • various occlusal defects;
  • the presence of interdental spaces.

Types of orthodontic plates

All plates can be divided into removable and non-removable.

  1. Removable plates consist only of an arc and a plate, they are not used at serious defects of a bite. They are easy to use, as they can be removed during meals and hygienic procedures. To achieve the effect of treatment, the plates must be worn for more than 12-14 hours a day, which requires high self-discipline. The total duration of therapy is 1.5-2 years, depending on the complexity of each clinical case.
  2. Non-removable plates are fixed on temporary molars and canines with orthodontic rings, they are worn permanently. This design easily copes with serious occlusion problems.

In addition, orthodontic plates are single-jawed, with a hand-shaped process, with a retraction arch, with a pusher, and many others. A pediatric orthodontist will help you choose the design, depending on the patient's age and type of occlusion.

Advantages of children's dental plates

  • an effective and convenient method of occlusion correction in children;
  • are made of safe and hypoallergenic materials;
  • do not require long habituation;
  • affordable method - the cost of the plates is usually lower than braces or liners;
  • easy to care for;
  • quickly made;
  • possibility of application from 6 years of age.

Of the main disadvantages, we can highlight:

  • possible diction disorders - during the period of getting used to the plate there may be defects in the pronunciation of individual sounds;
  • if the plate is removable - the need for constant monitoring and discipline of wearing, as children often forget or intentionally do not want to wear the design.

Stages of orthodontic treatment with children's plates

Initially, it is necessary to consult and examine a pediatric orthodontist, during which the specialist determines the occlusion defects. Additional research methods are appointed, namely radiography. A panoramic image of the teeth will help identify possible inflammation or abnormalities in the development of the dental system. Based on the orthopantomogram, the doctor determines which design is most effective for correcting the bite. Then the casts are removed from the teeth and a plaster model of the jaw is created - which is then used to make the plate. While the plate is being created, the child needs to be cured of all inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity and carious changes of the teeth, if any. After some time, when the orthodontic plate is ready, the fitting and installation of the structure are performed. The procedure is completely painless, so it takes place without anesthesia. Finally, the orthodontist gives recommendations for the operation and care of the plate. The doctor will also name the approximate duration of treatment, which averages 1-2 years.

Dobrobut Dental Clinic in Kyiv offers its young patients a wide range of orthodontic services. We have the best specialists in Ukraine who will help your baby choose the most effective method of bite correction at an affordable price. Don't miss the moment and start building a beautiful child's smile right now!


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