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Contour malarplasty

The face changes its shape with age, affected by gravity and natural processes in the body. A young face, as a rule, has a more extensional upper part, and the lower part becomes larger with age. Previously voluminous parts of the face that confer freshness become more prominent, skin loses its color and grows flabby.

Contour plastic with fillers is one of the ways to regain the lost volume of the face. The most popular area for this is the cheekbone area. The volume of cheekbones restores the young look of the face.

Contour malarplasty is a non-surgical procedure aesthetic cosmetologic procedure aimed at returning volume to the cheekbones and correcting the shape of the face.

Who needs malarplasty with fillers

First of all, the procedure is indicated to those people who have noticed the loss of volume in the cheekbone area and want to regain young shapes.

The procedure is also performed having the following aesthetic tasks:

  • elimination of deformities in the cheekbones;
  • elimination of atrophic post-traumatic scars, as well as post-acne and stretch marks;
  • filling of medium and deep wrinkles in the cheekbones;
  • correction of facial asymmetry (dimensions and shape);
  • contouring of the face that has lost its shape.

Description of the procedure

The agents based on hyaluronic acid with the gel of various viscosity levels are used for injections. Cheekbones are filled with the filler using a very thin needle that leaves almost no traces on the skin.

It is not recommended to drink alcohol for 48 hours before the procedure, and do not drink coffee for three hours before it starts.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, a cosmetician applies an anesthetic cream on the cheekbones (for 40 minutes). After the anesthesia, a doctor makes the marking and injects the filler under the skin, distributing it and forming the volume.

The procedure lasts 60–90 minutes. A slight swelling in the affected area is possible after the procedure that will clear up within 2–3 hours. Sometimes small hematomas from the injections can appear after the procedure that dissolve by themselves in 5–7 days.

You can notice the result of the procedure immediately, the maximum effect can be seen in 2 weeks and lasts for 6–12 months.

After the cheekbones are filled with the fillers, you should not visit sauna, baths, get a massage and apply masks.


Despite the fact that hyaluronic acid rarely provokes an allergy, and the procedure is well tolerated, the contour plastic with fillers has some restrictions and contraindications.

The procedure is not performed if there are eruptions or irritations in the face, including hepretic eruptions. You may also be denied the procedure if you have had allergic reactions to lidocaine and hyaluronic acid in the past.

Absolute contraindications for the contour plastic are as follows:

  • oncology;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • coagulation failures;
  • elevated body temperature;
  • acute exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • collagenosis;
  • mental disorders.

Contour malarplasty can be performed at Dobrobut Clinic Chain. We have qualified cosmeticians, which carefully preserve the proportions of the face and its natural appearance. We use only high-quality certified agents that dissolve on their own, leaving no traces or side effects. Contour malarplasty can be combined with other rejuvenating and injection procedures. Our cosmeticians will help to choose the action plan to preserve the youthful and beautiful face and body.

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