Consultation with an oncologist (mammologist) expert referral for adults at the clinic

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Comprehensive consultation of an oncologist in the clinic (including ultrasound of the mammary glands) 1400 To order

An oncologist-mammologist is a doctor specialized in diagnostics and treatment of oncological diseases of mammary glands. During a visit a doctor will gather information about patient’s complaints, perform a check-up and ultrasound of mammary glands, and will also prescribe additional examinations to determine the quality of a neoformation, if necessary.

If cancer is confirmed, every patient has the possibility to undergo a multidisciplinary oncological council where doctors of various specialties will study the patient’s case record and choose the most correct treatment approach.

What is included:

  1. Registration of complaints;
  2. Familiarization with the case record;
  3. Check-up;
  4. Work with the files of the previous examinations (X-rays, mammography, MRI);
  5. Ultrasound of mammary glands;
  6. Determination of the preliminary diagnosis;
  7. Explanations on diagnostics and treatment plan;
  8. Recommendations on the examination and treatment.


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