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Stogov Oleksii

Doctor information: Stogov Oleksii

Education: National Medical University named after A.A. Bohomolets

Ways of Professional Development:

  • attending conferences on adult and pediatric cardiac surgery (Ukraine, Europe);
  • regularly holding theme-based courses on adult and children’s cardiology and cardiac surgery;
  • main executor of the scientific and applied research “Development of new methods of artificial circulation for newborns with complex congenital heart diseases”, 2003-2007;
  • author of the articles in specialized medical journals;
  • with the aim of professional improvement, constantly reading the specialized journals in English, collaborating and communicating with colleagues and specialists (including foreign ones from Switzerland, Germany, France, Australia, Israel, the USA; and implanting the gained experience and knowledge in Ukraine;
  • English-speaking.

Priorities in Practical Activity:

  • blood-saving operations;
  • hemostasis;
  • protection of myocardium;
  • neuroprotection;
  • minimally invasive surgery;
  • minimization of the systemic inflammatory response.

The Most Common Complaints Are:

Comorbid conditions: diabetes mellitus, strokes, hemostasis disorders, etc.

Advantages of MS Dobrobut

“The main advantage is the practical realization of the acquired experience and knowledge. Private clinics guarantee the minimization of bureaucracy and corruption, there are perspectives for development, including the "takeover" of the free market segment, while there is a leeway.”

About the Tendencies in Cardiovascular Surgery

“In this branch, a Hi-tech direction is now actively introduced. So, it is impossible to improve the results and to compete with leading clinics without the constant modernization and upgrading of equipment. This fact is the result of an extension of the surgical spectrum and success in the field of materials science and electronics.”

Features of Work with Patients

“Due to particularities of my work, I have few contacts with patients.”

Tips from the Doctor

“You should regularly undergo thorough preventive medical examinations, probably use the insurance medicine. It is necessary to contact qualified specialists as early as possible. It would be better to receive early treatment of comorbid conditions: dentistry, a varicose disease of lower legs, diabetes, etc.”

About Work

“A good doctor is a professional who works with each category of clients at their level. At the same time, he knows the boundaries of his competence and does not hesitate to contact related specialists and colleagues.“

About Hobbies

“I’m interested in alternative energy, off-road, hunting. I like watching the series The Game of Thrones. My favorite books are fantasy: G. Harrison, A. Norton, A. Azimov, the brothers Strugatsky, etc.”

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