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Kharitonov Konstantin Evgenievich

Doctor information: Kharitonov Konstantin Evgenievich


A.A. Bogomolets National Medical University.

Areas of professional development:

  • participates in annual meetings of the ENT community, experienced in speaking at the conferences;
  • specialized in adult and children otolaryngology, completed endoscopy course in otolaryngology, courses on resuscitation fundamentals;
  • takes the 4th place in the national rating of doctors of Ukraine among otolaryngologists and 2nd place in Kiev;
  • worked as a teacher of resuscitation and otolaryngology at the Chernobyl Medical School;
  • every day reads medical literature, monitors publications of foreign ENT associations, exchanges experience with colleagues;
  • attends conferences, symposia and round tables

Priority areas in clinical practice:

  • surgical and conservative treatment of ENT diseases;
  • endoscopic examination and surgery on ENT organs;
  • treatment of acute and chronic ENT diseases (maxillary sinus puncture, tympanic puncture and paracentesis of the tympanic membrane, opening and draining abscesses of ENT organs, ear and nose boils, removal of atheromas, benign neoplasms of ENT organs, removal of foreign bodies from the ear, throat, nose, arrest of hemorrhage in ENT organs)

Common complaints:

  • rhinosinusitis;
  • rhinitis, including allergic;
  • nose breathing problems;
  • acute otitis externa and otitis media

Clinical interests:

  • allergology;
  • internal therapy;
  • psychology;
  • surgery

Dobrobut Medical Center strengths

“Strengths of the clinic are in providing medical care at a modern European level, professional medical team and with good organization of the clinical process.”

Trends in otolaryngology

“Basic trend is to follow the postulate: first healing word, then medicine with evidence-based efficacy, only then surgery.”.

Specifics of working with patients

“The main thing in my work is mutual understanding with a patient in a positive environment and choice of the right tactics to recover good health.”

Doctor’s advice

“Don’t self-medicate. Trust your doctor entirely.”

About work

“If you feel better after talking with the doctor, this is your doctor and this is already 90% success.”

About hobbies

“My hobbies are hockey, mountaineering and, of course, sauna with my good friends. My favorite films are Breakfast with a view of Elbrus, Escape from the Shawshank, 300 Spartans, Island, Seven lives, Vertica”. My favorite book is Doctor, Nurse and Sick. Psychology of Working with Patients by Istvan Hardy. My favorite writer is Vasily Shukshin and my favorite singer is Aleksandr Rosenbaum. ”

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Спасибо большое за Вашу работу. Рекомендую
Світлано, дякуємо Вам за відгук і рекомендацію лікаря.
З повагою, департамент контролю якості сервісу та клієнтського обслуговування
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Рекомендую Константина Евгениевича, как отличного специалиста и хорошего человека! Если возникает потребность в обращении к врачу, стараюсь всегда попасть к нему на приём. Находит подход, как ко взрослым, так и к детям. Мой сын, впервые не боялся врача. Всегда действенное лечение и рекомендации.
Владислав, спасибо за отзыв и прекрасную рекомендацию доктору. Ваше доверие - наивысшая награда для доктора.
С уважением, департамент по контролю качества медицинского обслуживания.
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Чудовий лікар, завжди дієве лікування, чудовий підхід до пацієнтів.
Світлана, дякуємо за Ваш відгук та високу оцінку роботи лікаря.
З повагою, департамент контролю якості сервісу та клієнтського обслуговування
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