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Endovenous laser ablation of varicosis using Total EVLA technique

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In search of effective solutions in the fight against varicosis , new technologies are emerging that take into account the shortcomings and increase the effectiveness of existing procedures for the removal of varices. The evolution of specialized knowledge and views of phlebologists, as well as growing demands of patients for the aesthetics of procedures and manipulations, determine the progressive development of medical technologies.

Total laser ablation (Total EVLA) performed with the use of a third-generation diode laser with the wave length of 1,940 nm is one of such innovative technologies.

The wave length of 1,940 nm is 10 times more efficient as for the force of its influence in comparison with the lasers of the previous generations, and it means that its power can be reduced by one third. It allows for significant alleviation of traumatization of the adjacent tissues. Such a wave length is selectively absorbed by a vein wall, which reduces the level of discomfort during the surgery almost to zero.

Due to the wave length and its properties, the laser gently and evenly heats the vein without affecting the surrounding tissues, and a scar is formed in its place, which is completely absorbed with the passing of time. There are no traces of injections, burns and pigmentation at the laser application site.

The main feature of the method is that it can be used to remove vessels of any diameter, including small lateral veins, which were previously removed only surgically. The technique involves the influence of the laser on all veins, including varicose ones, without their removal, which was impossible when working on lasers of the previous generation. In this case, after the surgery there are no traces of incisions and punctures.

This surgery is performed using certain techniques and additional surgical manipulations that guarantee efficiency and safety. Such interventions are performed by specialists with extensive experience in endovenous treatment of varicose veins, who have received additional training in this technique.

The surgery is performed under constant ultrasound control, which guarantees accuracy, efficiency and safety of the procedure. In addition, automatic traction (extraction) of the laser light guide is used, which is a guarantee of uniform and reliable impact on the vein.

Main advantages of Total EVLA techniques are as follows:

  • significant reduction of procedure time;
  • instant cosmetic effect;
  • absolute painlessness;
  • high efficiency in case of varicosis at any stage and severity;
  • no side effects such as pigmentation, burns and nerve damage;
  • low traumatization, no bruises, traces of incisions;
  • there is no need to combine different surgical technologies to achieve a higher effect;
  • short rehabilitation period, which includes wearing compression underwear for 1 week.

Standard preoperative examinations are performed before the procedure, which include:

  • complete blood count;
  • coagulogram;
  • blood sugar test;
  • biochemical blood test;
  • blood test for viral hepatitis and syphilis;
  • electrocardiogram;
  • if necessary, a consultation with a physician, cardiologist or other specialists is appointed.

The procedure lasts 1 to 2 hours.

List of extra paid services:

  • Ultrasound-guided tumescence anesthesia
  • Local anesthesia
  • Day hospitalization in polyclinic (1 hour)
  • Day hospitalization in polyclinic (1 hour)
  • Day hospitalization in polyclinic (1 hour)
  • Consultation by vascular surgeon
  • ELVeS Radial laser fiber
  • Echosclerotherapy

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