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A speech therapist is a doctor whose activities are aimed at teaching a child to speak, namely, to build coherent sentences, replenish vocabulary and to correct pronunciation. Problems with speech are often the result of various syndromes and conditions, such as hyperactivity, autism spectrum disorders, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, mental retardation. But even children without developmental disabilities sometimes need the help of a speech therapist to start speaking or to correct the pronunciation of certain sounds.

A speech therapist’s consultation and an individual lesson plan are necessary for your child in case if:

  • he is 1.5 years old and has not yet said a word;
  • it is difficult for a child to learn to read, or he reads very slowly, and then cannot retell what he has read;
  • it is difficult for a child to express his opinion or tell what happened;
  • speech is unclear, the child pronounces sounds incorrectly, the speech tempo is either too fast or too slow;
  • a child does not respond if you address him, does not understand what you are asking;
  • he has a very small vocabulary;
  • a child makes mistakes when writing, skips letters, syllables;
  • a child repeats what has been said, but does not answer your question.

The main task of a speech therapist is to identify problems and draw up the individual lesson plan to solve them.

When a speech therapist’s consultation is needed:

Speech therapists of the Dobrobut Medical Network will help you if the following problems were diagnosed in your child:

  • delayed psycho-speech development;
  • alalia;
  • dysarthria;
  • general underdevelopment of speech;
  • stuttering;
  • phonetic and phonemic speech underdevelopment;
  • dyslalia;
  • dyslexia;
  • dysgraphia.

Speech therapist’s consultation and plan activities necessary for children with ASD, Down's syndrome, attention deficit disorder and with hyperactivity. In this case, the speech therapist works in a team with other professionals (psychologists, rehabilitator, childinologist). In such case, the development of speech is a part of a comprehensive program of rehabilitation and habilitation of children with disabilities.

Diagnostics and treatment

To diagnose speech problems, our specialists use various techniques and tests that allow us to accurately identify problems and their causes.

When drawing up the lesson plan for the correction and development of speech, the specialists of the Dobrobut Medical Center. Childnology of Special Development use modern techniques with proven efficiency.

Modern methods of rehabilitation

  • methods of early speech stimulation;
  • methods of setting and automating sounds;
  • methods of developing coherent speech; logopedic massage;
  • methods of contact and communication;
  • logorhythmic classes;
  • kinesiological gymnastics;
  • work with a balancer.

In their work, Dobrobut Medical Network specialists use a variety of didactic materials, as well as speech therapy games, a balancer and speech therapy probes.

Benefits of treatment in the medical network "Welfare"

  • Modern methods of diagnostics and speech correction from 1.5 years, including for children with special needs;
  • Comprehensive approach with other specialists of the Dobrobut Network;
  • Individual approach to any child for acquiring new skills and knowledge.

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