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We perceive the better half of the information via eyesight. Eyes are the extremely important organs that help us to perceive the world and function in it.

Many eyesight problems, like, for example, myopia or astigmatism, are hereditary and can be detected within the first year of life. Every so often, elementary-school age children often have visual deterioration because of the increased load on eyes during the schooling. That is why it is very important to start taking care of eye health since the early childhood and keep control of the eye condition within the whole period of growth and development of the child. Early detection of eyesight problems will guarantee timely treatment, and this will allow preserving the eyesight in future.

Highly qualified pediatric ophthalmologists of Dobrobut clinic chain will help to reveal eye developmental pathologies in the first years of life of a child, perform effective diagnostics and prescribe a treatment in case of visual deterioration.

Pediatric ophthalmologists of Dobrobut clinic chain will help to determine a diagnosis and prescribe a treatment in case of the following eye diseases of children:

  • refraction anomalies (hypermetropia, myopia, astigmatism);
  • heterotropia;
  • inflammatory diseases (conjunctivitis, keratitis, blepharitis, episcleritis, chalazion);
  • mild eye injuries and also entering of foreign objects in conjunctiva or eyeglobe.

When you should see a pediatric ophthalmologist

It is necessary to visit an ophthalmologist for prevention, revealing of congenital defects and assessing potential risk of visual deterioration development. It is recommended to undergo the first check-up by an ophthalmologist at the age of 1 year, and test the eyesight every two years if no pathologies have been revealed.

It is better to see an ophthalmologist if you have noticed that your child:

  • squints all the time;
  • winks frequently;
  • complains of having a poor view of remote objects;
  • complains of ambiopia;
  • complains of eye strain;
  • experiences photophobia and increased tear secretion;
  • complains of eye itching, eye dryness, gritty eyes, redness;
  • rubs eyes all the time.

Discharge of any kind, sour eyes of newborn babies included, is the reason to visit an ophthalmologist. You should also see a doctor urgently in case of an eye injury or the entry of a foreign object in an eye.


Diagnostics plays an important role in ophthalmology when assessing visual acuity and detecting the reasons for its deterioration. Modern instrumental equipment that allows to check the eye condition quickly and comfortably and to select a treatment, glasses and contact lenses included, is used at Dobrobut clinic chain.

The following pediatric diagnostic procedures are performed at Dobrobut clinic chain:

  • eidoptometry and refraction measurement while playing;
  • examination of the anterior eye segment, media transparency and eye ground with nonintrusive devices;
  • measuring of intraocular pressure with a pneumotonometer for older children.

We use modern expert-level equipment that allows preforming the quality nonintrusive diagnostics and choosing the relevant eyesight correction means.

We use:

  • pediatric autorefractometer by PlusOptix (Germany) and multi-purpose SHIP-NiPPON (Japan);
  • chart panel by Topcon (Japan) with various tests for various ages;
  • slit-lamp biomicroscopy by Topcon (Japan);
  • binocular ophthalmoscope by Heine (Germany);
  • dioptrimeter for glass testing by Topcon (Japan).

In case of a suspected infection that caused eye irritation, it is recommended to take a conjunctival swab and send it to a laboratory for analysis to diagnose the pathogenic agent and to choose the correct treatment.


In accordance with the detected problems, an ophthalmologist will prescribe the treatment that may include both pharmacological therapy and corrective actions and physiological eyesight correction procedures.

Ophthalmologists use the following methods for the visual acuity treatment:

  • optical correction that includes selection of glasses and contact lenses, prescriptions for glasses and soft contact lenses;
  • special exercises and occlusions in case of heterotropia and anisometropia (difference of refractive indexes between the eyes);
  • preventive recommendations on the lifestyle in case of progressing of children’s myopia.

Our specialists use modern methods of evidence-based medicine based on the international protocols of diagnostics and treatment for the treatment of infectious diseases of eyes.

Removal of foreign objects from the eyes is performed in the outpatient department of Dobrobut clinic chain. Experienced surgeons will perform an emergency surgery with local anesthesia, in as comfortable conditions for little patients and their parents as possible.

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