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Skin diseases in children are a fairly common problem. It is because skin as the largest organ is the first to meet all negative environmental factors, protecting the body from their effects. Skin is also responsive to any disorder developing in the internal organs and systems. Therefore, quite often skin diseases are not independent diseases, but symptoms or manifestations of other health problems.

A pediatric dermatovenerologist will help to detect the cause of problems with skin, nails and hair and to select the right treatment tactics. Doctor will also advice on lifestyle.

When it is time to consult pediatric dermatovenerologist

Any rashes or growths on the skin are a reason to consult a doctor.

It is necessary to schedule consultation with a pediatric dermatovenerologist if your child has any of the following symptoms or manifestations:

  • skin rashes;
  • dry skin;
  • itching, burning, pain when touching and other skin discomfort;
  • hair loss, hair breakage;
  • appearance of new moles that differ in color, shape and tend to grow rapidly;
  • changes in the color and shape of the nail plates.

Any of the symptoms can indicate a disease of the skin, nails and hair, or be a symptom of diseases of various organs and systems. Therefore, it is necessary to see a doctor as soon as possible in order to prevent the development of more serious consequences and to stop the development of the disease before it becomes chronic.

Experienced pediatric dermatovenerologists of the MC Dobrobut network will help in making diagnosis and providing treatment of the following diseases:

  • dermatitis (atopic, allergic, seborrheic, contact and others);
  • hair diseases (alopecia - hair loss, trichotillomania);
  • allergic dermatoses (urticaria, toxicoderma);
  • acne;
  • chronic dermatoses (psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo and others);
  • fungal infections of the skin and nails (dermatophytosis of the skin and scalp, onychomycosis and others);
  • local viral infections (warts, molluscum contagiosum, herpes zoster, herpes simplex);
  • pyoderma (streptoderma, staphyloderma, staphylo-streptoderma).

A pediatric dermatovenerologist will conduct a patient’s examination, including a dermatoscopic examination of nevi (moles) to identify potentially dangerous skin neoplasms, and, if necessary, to prescribe additional examination methods.


In order to choose the most effective treatment method, a pediatric dermatovenerologist should not only make a diagnosis, but also identify the cause of the disease.

For this purpose dermatovenerologist uses additional methods of instrumental diagnostics, namely:

  • dermatoscopy (a method for diagnosing skin diseases, examining moles and other skin neoplasms);
  • luminescent diagnostics by Wood's lamp (method for diagnosing skin diseases of fungal, bacterial and other origin).

During a dermatoscopy, a doctor may perform a skin biopsy, if necessary. The method helps to make an accurate diagnosis in difficult cases using a histopathological examination.

If necessary, a dermatovenerologist can prescribe laboratory tests, such as microscopy of skin scales, hair, nails for pathogenic fungi, nail plates for a parasitic fungus, wound culture and others.


Doctors of the MC Dobrobut network have extensive experience in diagnosing and treating diseases of the skin, nails and hair in children and continuously improve their knowledge.

They use the following proven methods of treatment, including:

  • drug therapy (local, general);
  • minimally invasive surgical interventions by radio wave method (removal of warts, papillomas, contagious mollusks, moles and other tumors).

Choosing the MC Dobrobut network, you and your child will receive high-quality and timely diagnosis and a guarantee of compliance with the high standards of treatment of skin, nails and hair diseases. You will have individual approach and comfortable conditions when undergoing diagnostics and treatment in one of the best private health facilities in Ukraine.

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