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Examination program «Kindergarten»
At Dobrobut :

With the admission to the kindergarten the life of a baby undergoes great changes. They have to get used to a new day regimen, new children and kindergarten teachers, to the new game and sleeping rooms, to the new dishes. Not only the emotional adjustment takes place, the entire body of the child undergoes adaptation.

A lot of mothers note that the child started oftener to suffer from catarrhal diseases, get tired faster or allergic reactions became apparent. In order to timely identify the causes of the problems, to develop an individual set of preventive measures or give a course of treatment, the doctors of the "Dobrobut" Child's Clinic offered the program of complex medical examinations for the kids.

In preparation of the program the standards of Ministry of Health of Ukraine have been met.

Before entering kindergarten, the Form 026-o Child Medical Record for School, Residential School, School-Lyceum, Children’s Home, and Kindergarten shall be issued.


Medical advice
Orthopaedist (with plantography)

2 optional consultations (depending on necessity or pre-school institution requirements):

speech therapist, endocrinologist, cardiologist, dermatologist, surgeon
Laboratory examination
Clinical blood analysis
Clinical urine analysis
Faecal analysis for helminth eggs
Blood analysis for glucose

Consultations of other specialists are held when necessary and are paid separately.

Examinations are carried out on the basis of the own clinical laboratory with the modern equipment and latest diagnosis technologies. As a result of examinations, you will get an exact idea about the state of health of your child. The specialists of the clinic will answer all your questions about the health and proper development.

More information about the program can be obtained by calling the contact center +38 044/097 495 2 888.

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