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The program First steps of health (from 1 to 17 years)

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About the offer:
The program "First steps of health" is recommended for children from 1 to 17 years.
At Dobrobut :

Our doctors offer you a program of medical monitoring of your child's health, according to which you can, in a convenient mode for you, receive expert advice and the necessary laboratory examinations until his majority. This will allow you to significantly reduce the time spent in the clinic, as well as save you a lot of unnecessary hassle.

With First Steps to Health, you will benefit from services not covered by this program. Also, you will receive all the necessary forms
certificates of the health of your child, provided by the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine *
"The First Steps to Health" program is recommended for children from 1 to 17 years old.

The program includes:
  • consultations with a paediatrician at home and in the clinic ** - 5
  • provision of medical care to a patient under the age of 18 by an on-site intensive care team (1.5 hours) – 1

Laboratory diagnostics:

  • detailed blood test - 4
  • general urine analysis - 4
  • providing a preanalytical stage in the study of capillary blood - 4
  • providing a preanalytical stage in the study of urine – 4
Our paediatricians will give recommendations regarding the health of your child, based on the individual characteristics of his development.
The complex program "First steps of health" includes consultations of specialists. If the consultation is provided by a referral expert, you need to make additional payment by the current price list at the time of contact.

We offer the following types of the "Child Health" program:

  • Program "Basis" 15 712 UAH. (the price includes a deposit of 4 322 UAH).
  • "Extended" program 23 711 UAH. (The price includes a deposit of UAH 12 321).
Both programs are completely identical. The only difference is in the price and the amount of the deposit included in the cost of each program.

What is a deposit?

The deposit is included in each of the "Child's Health" programs and applies to all types of services outside the program with a 15% discount provided in advance ***. These services include:
  • consultations of highly specialized experts
  • Ultrasound diagnostics
  • laboratory diagnostics

Program duration:

One year (the term of the deposit is not limited).

You can get additional information about the First Steps of Health program by calling the contact centre: 044/097 495 2 888 on Mon-Sun from 8:00 to 20:00.

* Issuance of forms is included in the package price.

** If you live outside the city, you will need to pay extra for the doctor's departure for each kilometre according to the current price list at the time of contact.

*** The 15% discount does not apply to the cost of the vaccine and complex services.

Pediatricians within the program:

Polyclinic for children and adults on the Right Bank

(st.Tatarskaya, 2-E)

Children's clinic on the Left Bank

(street Dragomanova, 21-A)

Children's clinic in Obolon

(Ave. Heroes of Stalingrada 4, building 5)

Polyclinic for children and adults in Obolon

(16-V Heroes of Stalingrad Ave.)

Medical centre "Dobrobut" for the whole family on Goloseevo

(Kyiv, st.Marshal Konev 10/1)

Treatment and Diagnostic Center

(St. Family of Idzikovsky (Mikhail Mishin), 3)

Polyclinic for children and adults on Svyatoshino

(St. Svyatoshinskaya, 3-b)

Medical center "Dobrobut" for the whole family on Beresteyskaya

(st. Igor Sikorsky, 1, Kiev, 04112)

Medical‌ ‌centre‌ "Dobrobut" ‌ ‌for ‌‌all ‌family‌ in‌ ‌Pechersk district

(Dragomirova st., 20, Kyiv, 01103)

Medical centre "Dobrobut" for children and adults in Sofia district

(st. Yabluneva, 26)

Top experts

  • Polyanskaya Elena Anatolievna
  • Bravistova Natalia Alexandrovna

  • Pediatricians

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