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A group of highly qualified specialists (surgeons who have extensive experience in the field of urgent surgical conditions) provides round-the-clock care in conditions of a specialized surgical hospital from the MC “Dobrobut-polyclinic” at the address: Kyiv, Semii Idzikovskikh Str., 3. Round-the-clock help in acute surgical conditions is provided by both adult and pediatric surgeons.
Центр экстренной хирургии
Urgent surgical care:
A specialized surgical hospital assists adults in the treatment of acute surgical diseases of the abdominal cavity, namely:
The main signs of acute surgical conditions are abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, bloating, abnormality of stool and gas, body temperature increase. These states require consultation with a surgeon as a first aid.

Many long-existing diseases of the abdominal organs can also go to an acute form. Such conditions require urgent hospitalization and surgical treatment.

If you feel worsening – abdominal pain and other formidable symptoms – do not self-medicate. You should urgently call an emergency team, whose specialists will undoubtedly understand the symptoms and, if necessary, deliver to the urgent consultation of a surgeon in our hospital admissions.

Patients with suspected acute surgical pathology are admitted to our hospital seven days a week around the clock. The on-duty surgeon of our hospital admissions has a sufficient experience and a full range of diagnostic measures to find out and establish the fact of the need for hospitalization.

If the results of laboratory examinations and necessary additional studies (including multislice computed tomography of the abdominal organs and a clinical examination), which are usually performed within an hour, do not reveal indications for hospitalization, you will receive the needed recommendations and a survey plan with the possibility to contact the doctor on duty before the planned visit to the required specialist the next day.

Also, in the admission department, you can receive the necessary treatment in the conditions of the day ward, as well as remove or reduce the manifestations of the symptoms that cause your illness.

  • Заболевания органов брюшной полости
  • Заболевания органов брюшной полости
Advantages of providing urgent surgical care are as follows:
  1. 1. Around the clock and seven days a week working hours of the hospital admissions, diagnostic services, departments of inpatient and intensive care, resuscitation, and operating rooms.
  2. 2. Full range of accurate and fast diagnostics:
  3. 3. Specialized personnel. Duty doctors-surgeons annually improve their experience in emergency surgery. Each of the specialists has more than ten years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of acute surgical conditions. Surgeons of the center at a high level conduct surgical interventions, more than 90% of which are performed with the help of minimally invasive laparoscopic or endoscopic techniques. The high professionalism of physicians allows them to make the right decisions in severe cases, when the disease poses a threat to the patient’s life. Particular approaches in the treatment of patients allow our specialists to provide high-level care to elderly clients with severe comorbidities.
  4. 4. High-tech equipment of the hospital, intensive care and operating units allows the safest and comfortable treatment of acute conditions in surgery.
  5. 5. Treatment according to the international standards, fast-track protocols (early activation and recovery), “no pain” treatment methods and individual approach to each patient allow to minimize staying in the hospital, rehabilitate after surgical treatment in the shortest period and return our patients to the ordinary way of life.
All these advantages allow doctors of the emergency surgery department to organize most efficiently the surgical care for patients who are in critical condition.
  • Преимуществами оказания ургентной хирургической помощи
  • Преимуществами оказания ургентной хирургической помощи
  • The surgical hospital in our clinic is a round-the-clock qualified surgical care in acute conditions.
  • For details on surgical care in our hospital, please call
    on tel. 044/097-495-28-88
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