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The Highly Specialized Health Care Center in the field of Angiology & Vascular Surgery started the activity based on the Diagnostic Center “Dobrobut.” Specialists of the Center For Angiology, Surgery, And Phlebology provide a full range of qualified care. International level experts with the help of innovative equipment and the latest technologies can perform operations of any complexity.
Центр флебологии
A new method of treating varicose veins
The most advanced and least traumatic method of treating varicose veins is the use of biochemistry.
Новый метод лечения варикоза
  • Головная боль
  • Головокружение
  • Потеря сознания
  • Судороги
  • Боль в спине
  • Боль в шее
  • Лицевая боль
  • Тревожные состояния
  • Нарушение памяти
  • Нарушение сна
  • Нарушение движений в конечностях

Contraindications to the procedure are very limited:

Методика клеевой облитерации вен не предназначена для пациентов со следующими состояниями:

  • наличие в прошлом реакции повышенной чувствительности на биоклей;
  • острый поверхностный тромбофлебит;
  • мигрирующий тромбофлебит;
  • острый сепсис.

Description of the procedure:

The procedure for treating varices with a biocheme includes a tiny puncture just below the knee and injections into the vein in the form of an injection through a small amount of a special biological glue under the control of the ultrasound apparatus. Then, with the help of a special applicator, every 3 cm throughout the length of the affected vein is injected with 0.1 ml of medical glue. It comes in contact with blood inside the vein and quickly polymerizes, "sticking" its walls. Using this technology, you can cure several veins at once in one session.

Modern Diagnostics of Vascular Pathology
The Main Areas Of Treatment (We treat):
Angiology surgery (surgical treatment)
  • Atherosclerotic lesions of the major arteries (aorta and arteries of the lower limbs)
  • All types of reconstructive surgeries on peripheral arteries, indirect revascularization
  • Abdominal aortic aneurysm
  • Non-atherosclerotic occlusive arterial diseases of the lower limbs (endarteritis, thromboangiitis)
  • Acute thrombosis and thromboembolism of the arteries of the upper and lower limbs
  • Atherosclerotic lesions of the arteries of the neck and head
  • Diabetic vascular lesions, diabetic foot syndrome
  • Raynaud syndrome
  • Congenital vascular malformation
  • Traumatic vascular injuries
Ангиохирургия (оперативное лечение)
Флебология (оперативное лечение)
Phlebology (surgical treatment)
  • Acute venous thrombosis
  • All types of surgical treatment of varicose disease, with an emphasis on modern minimally invasive surgeries in outpatient settings in all stages of the disease
  • Combined operations for varicose disease “all-in-one,” which guarantee the patient’s recovery
  • Post-thrombosis syndrome at any stage and form
Ангиология (консервативное лечение)
Angiology (conservative treatment)
  • Individual selection of treatment tactics
  • Clinical observation of patients
  • Complex conservative therapy of obliterating diseases of lower limb arteries, including medicamentous, physiotherapy and extracorporeal treatment
  • Individual rehabilitation program development, professional recommendations for diet, exercise, and regimen
  • Modern complex therapy of non-atherosclerotic artery lesions
  • Advanced treatment of critical limb ischemia
  • Conservative treatment of chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency, cerebrovascular disease
  • Individual selection of compression therapy
  • Conservative therapy of severe chronic venous insufficiency
  • Treatment of trophic ulcers of any origin
  • Complex lymphostasis treatment (medication, selection of compression knitwear, lympho-drainage (pressotherapy), extracorporeal treatment, physiotherapy, dietary advice)
  • Differential use of all modern sclerotherapy techniques in the treatment of venous pathology
  • Actual erysipelas treatment
  • Complex treatment of venous thrombosis of the lower limbs of all localizations, based on recent world protocols
  • Sclerotherapy treatment of dilated vessels and capillaries (vascular sprouts, meshes) on the legs
Consultation with a specialist at the Center For Angiology, Surgery, And Phlebology is necessary in the following cases:
  • Sore feet when walking or at rest

    Numb and cold legs

  • Quickly tired and swollen lower limbs

    Dilated (varicose) veins in the legs

  • Trophic changes of the lower limbs, or trophic ulcers

    Diabetes mellitus

  • Dizziness, headaches, visual disturbances, smell disorders, etc.

    If you had a blood-stroke

  • Blue and cold hands

    If you are recommended to see a vascular surgeon by another specialist

    Vascular pathology revealed during the examination (ultrasound)

The advantages we offer:
  • 1. Significant experience of surgical operations in the field of Angiology at the modern world level
  • 2. A complete cycle of medical services for vascular pathology, including thorough examination, high-level treatment as specified in current requirements with a guaranteed result, active observation and patients’ care in the postoperative period, supportive therapy
  • 3. Individual approach to each patient, personalized selection of operative treatment methods
  • 4. Reconstructive surgery on the arteries of the lower limbs with preservation of the natural arterial bed, which allows saving on very expensive prostheses and having better results than operations with vascular replacement
  • 5. Surgical interventions by low-traumatic methods, which enable to minimize the period of stay in the hospital and the terms of rehabilitation
  • 6. Vast experience in treating venous pathology in any stages and forms
  • 7. Surgical treatment of varicose veins in the elderly on an outpatient basis with the guarantee of a speedy recovery
  • 8. Operative interventions for varicose disease “all-in-one” based on the use of all known modern techniques and treatment technologies with guaranteed high cosmetic effect, without the need for hospitalization
  • 9. Active care and control of patients with arterial pathology with a personalized selection of treatment and rehabilitation programs
  • 10. Individual programs for the treatment of lymphostasis
  • 11. Possibilities of rendering specialized care even to those patients who were “refused” in other institutions
  • 12. Comfortable and high-quality conditions of stay in a hospital
  • 13. Friendly, attentive and highly professional staff
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Gerasimov Vladimir Vladimirovich
Head of the Center for Angiology, Surgery and Phlebology
  1. Vascular surgeon of the highest category
  2. Phlebologist
  3. More then 20 years of experience
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Kotsar Aleksey Yuryevich

Surgeon of the highest category

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Nagalyuk Yulia Vladimirovna

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