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Dobrobut - patronage
Medical support at home

Careful and experienced specialists of "Dobrobut" are nearby to support the health of your loved one in the most difficult periods of life.

Medical support at home - constant supervision by the medical team of the patient's health.

Performed by a team of specialists:

  • patronage expert (nurse, paramedic) - visits the patient, carries out manipulations, keeps a diary of the patient's condition;
  • family doctor - controls the dynamics of treatment and execution of appointments;
  • specialized doctors join the treatment as needed
Записаться на прием
Who is a patron specialist?
What he/she does:
  • takes patient’s vitals (blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar level, etc.
  • controls adherence to the diet, water drinking of a patient
  • installs, measures, removes catheter
  • makes injections, infusion drips, other injections of medications
  • runs special exercises for rehabilitation after injuries
  • helps with the correct position of a patient, his moving and hygiene
  • assesses and controls behaviours and psychological manifestations in case of dementia, depression
  • teaches a patient to do self-diagnostic checks, to take care of catheters
  • provides emergency assistance in an emergency situation
Has a premedical education:

nurse or paramedic

Has the work experience

not less than 5 years, necessarily in a clinical setting, intensive care, critical care unit or ambulance

Completed special training on:

- standards of work of patronage specialists in the USA

- communications with patients with serious cases in complicated circumstances

- internship in surgical, oncological, critical care departments

The main task of a patronage specialist is to:
notice changes in patient’s state on time and fulfil all the doctor’s prescriptions at a high level
Об услуге
Патронаж или медицинское сопровождение дома ― это полный спектр медицинских услуг для пациентов,
нуждающихся в длительном уходе.
The service is required to:
  • let the patient stay in a clinical setting only during the acute phase of the disease and return home earlier
  • have the patient’s state after a surgery or a treatment in a clinical setting controlled by a doctor or a medical professional and provide the help with the correct implementation of all prescriptions that will result in faster recovery
  • have the patient’s state after a surgery or a treatment in a clinical setting controlled by a doctor or a medical professional and provide the help with the correct implementation of all prescriptions that will result in faster recovery
  • guarantee that there is no need to worry about your loved ones when you cannot be near them
Мы рекомендуем медицинское сопровождение дома пациентам
  • in the postoperative period;
  • condition after injuries and fractures;
  • with chronic diseases;
  • with oncology;
  • how to recover from a stroke;
  • with coronary heart disease, heart failure;
  • with diabetes;
  • with age-related conditions: dementia, atherosclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease.
Medical supervision at home is assigned only to the patients in stable condition. The service is provided only after the examination and the medical report by a Dobrobut doctor in a medical centre or at home.
Медицинское сопровождение дома — это не разовый выезд медицинской сестры, а постоянное наблюдение медицинской командой и контроль врачом состояния и динамики пациента.
Услуги службы включают:
  • regular visits by a patronage expert to monitor the patient's condition and carry out medical manipulations according to the doctor's orders
  • remote supervision of the main doctor (family doctor, surgeon, oncologist - depending on the patient profile) and consultation visits of the doctor as needed
  • consultations and visits (as needed) by specialists of a narrow profile (cardiologist, endocrinologist, neurologist, orthopedist, etc.)
  • taking analyzes at home
  • ultrasound diagnostics (except gynecological and urological) at home
  • heart examination with ECG and holter (daily monitoring) at home
Как заказать медицинское сопровождение дома
  • You can order the service through the Dobrobut call center.
  • If the patient is treated on an outpatient basis or in the Dobrobut hospital, the visiting doctor can give recommendations on accepting him for home medical support.
  • If the patient was treated in another institution, it is necessary to get an initial consultation with the Dobrobut family doctor on an outpatient basis or by calling a doctor at home.
Алгоритм получения услуги:
  • a visitor or family doctor confirms that the patient has no contraindications and health risks and recommends medical support at home;
  • the client-manager of the Dobrobut.Patronage service provides the patient or his family with all the information and helps to draw up the necessary documents;
  • the logistician takes control of the provision of the service, coordinates the visits of specialists and diagnostic equipment.
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Online support of the Patronage doctor

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