Корпоративное медицинское обслуживание сотрудников

According to the world practice, the companies that take care of the health of their employees have higher development potential and established positions on the market.
Dobrobut health care center offers the conclusion of a direct agreement for medical care of the employees.
  • Doctors’ working schedule and extensive network of polyclinics allows to access services timely when it is convenient for employees;
  • Attractiveness of the employer on the labor market increases;
  • Individual conditions and optimized value;
  • You pay not an insurance premium, as in voluntary medical insurance, but only the services actually rendered;
  • Possibility of service provisioning for employees’ relatives;
  • Increased loyalty of employees;
Мы предлагаем:
24/7 and day hospitalization; Diagnostic examinations;
“Doctor’s house call”; Surgery block;
Check-ups;; Special offers for companies (individual programs for various groups of top/middle management employees, discounts);
Pregnancy follow-up and pediatric patronage programs; Mandatory check-ups of employees in compliance with the applicable statutory requirements;
Cardiac surgery; Rehabilitation;
Oncology. Outpatient polyclinic aid;



Также мы организуем:
  • Vaccination of employees;
  • Trainings on basic resuscitation procedures;
  • Educational lectures.
Формы сотрудничества:
  • The contract under prepayment conditions intends the fixed sum assigned to each employee. This sum may be different (it is discussed with a customer company representative).
  • Serving according to complex programs.
  • Contract based on retrospective repayment conditions means that an employer pays for provided medical services upon provision.
  • Contracts for certain types of medical check-ups and services.
Наши преимущества:
  • Extensive medical chain all over Kyiv
  • Full range of services for children and adults
  • Personal manager to support the contract and prompt resolution of all issues
  • Modern equipment from the world's leading manufacturers
  • Round-the-clock work the contact center is open 24/7
  • Emergency short number 5288.
Контактные данные:
  • Call center:
    (044) 495 2 888
  • (097) 495 2 888
  • Manager for work with legal entities:
    work schedule Mon-Fri from 9 to 18
    (067) 538 58 45
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Corporate health care - an alternative to health insurance

Caring for the health of employees is one of the most important components of the success of any company, a guarantee of its sustainable development. A business can only be successful when it involves healthy workers who can complete the assigned tasks on time. Businesses that pay for corporate health insurance for their employees gain an edge in the job market so they can attract the best talent. They have reduced the loss of working time and the cost of sick leave to a minimum, there is a higher return on staff, due to an increase in their loyalty to the employer. A reasonable alternative to paying for the VHI policy for employees is corporate medical services for companies and organizations offered by Dobrobut MC.

What is the difference between corporate service and VHI for employees?

Each company can take care of the health of its employees in different ways, and corporate medical care is one of the options for such care. It involves the conclusion of an agreement between the employer and a medical institution, on payment by the company for medical services provided to its employees. Corporate service differs from VHI for legal entities by the absence of an insurance premium - the company will pay only for the rendered services and only to the medical institution with which it cooperates. MC Dobrobut offers various forms of such cooperation:

  • a full-service agreement with prepayment, taking into account the allocation of a certain fixed amount for each employee;
  • contract with post factum payment - the employer pays after the provision of services;
  • contract for medical examinations and specific types of services;
  • service of employees of the enterprise according to separate complex programs.

We offer Kyiv organizations, enterprises, and companies an excellent alternative to voluntary corporate health insurance - providing services to employees and their families in the widest medical network of clinics in Kyiv.

The presence of polyclinics, hospitals, and diagnostic centers equipped with the most modern equipment, qualified and experienced personnel, service of the European level - all these are the advantages of MC "Dobrobut".

With our help, the health of your employees will be under reliable protection!