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Dobrobut understands your concerns when you need to plan a visit to a doctor and arrange a whole process for a visit to the clinic. And when there is a need to visit a clinic with a sick child or to vaccinate a healthy child, the safety and comfort of a visit are always the most important for parents.

You can get specialized medical care from Dobrobut at home by ordering the doctor’s dytynolog (pediatrician) home visit!

The dytynolog (pediatrician) is ready to come 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays, at a convenient time for you.

For children from 0 to 18 years, the range of medical services provided when a dytynolog (pediatrician) visits home is very wide:

  • vaccination
  • specialist consultation
  • medical tests
  • diagnostic tests
  • drug therapy (injections)
  • dynamic observation of a child’s recovery
  • sick leave

Visiting patient at home dytynolog (pediatrician) does:

  • medical examination
  • collect medical history
  • make medical tests
  • give next recommendations for diagnostic• prescribe treatment
  • give prescriptions
  • provide medication therapy
  • sick leave

Advantages of dytynolog’s (pediatrician) home visit:

  • ou choose the time you want to visit
  • you don’t have to take the time to travel
  • staying home, you eliminate the risk of «catching» infection, provide maximum comfort and rest for the patient
  • children are always calmer and more comfortable at home

In any urgent situation, you will receive prompt and qualitative assistance of specialists Dobrobut!

How do I order dytynolog home visit?

Service «Home visit by dytynolog» acts in the city of Kyiv and outside of Kyiv (30 km zone).

Home service requests are accepted daily (including weekends and holidays).

You can order the service by contacting our call-center (097 495 2 888; 044 495 2 888)

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Our doctors
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Baibara Natalia Aleksandrovna

Baibara Natalia Aleksandrovna


27 years of practice

Bas Natalia Viktorovna

Bas Natalia Viktorovna


16 years of practice

Bilga Svitlana Stepanivna

Bilga Svitlana Stepanivna


29 years of practice

Bravistova  Nataliya  Alexandrovna

Bravistova Nataliya Alexandrovna

Pediatrician, pediatric immunologist

26 years of practice


Vasilenko Natalia Valentinovna

The doctor is a high level certificate pediatrician and neonatologist, Ph.D. (medicine), member of the Association of Pediatricians of Ukraine and the Association of Neonatologists of Ukraine.

28 years of practice


8 years of practice

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