House call of a general practitioner / family doctor for check-up and diagnostics

Prices for services
Service Price, грн
Consultation of the therapist/family physician home/hotel/office visit, Kyiv 2120 To order
General practician consultation home/hotel/office visit, outside Kyiv (within 30 km) 2700 To order

Our doctors will professionally help you stay in the know of your health status at home without the need to go to a medical center.

Learn more about the service

You can call a therapist of Dobrobut Clinic Chain at home in Kyiv and outside the city. The doctor will come to your home for consultation, check-up and possible diagnostics of the disease.

What is the process of doctor’s house call?

A doctor on call arrives at a certain time (morning or afternoon) at the specified address for a consultation, during which he/she asks about the patient’s complaints, collects information about the state of health and lifestyle, performs a check-up. If necessary, the doctor performs laboratory or instrumental diagnostics, which can be carried out at home.

If the patient has symptoms of a respiratory disease or there were risks of contacting a coronavirus infection, the doctor can take the patient’s biological material for a PCR test, conduct a rapid antigen test or a quick test for the detection of immunoglobulins M and G to confirm or deny the diagnosis of Covid-19.

After consulting and establishing a diagnosis, the doctor will definitely issue an advisory opinion, which will indicate the diagnosis, recommendations for the regimen, further examination and treatment.

Cost of the service

House call, consultation and check-up by a therapist at home costs UAH 1,600 in Kyiv and UAH 1,960 outside the city (30 km area).

How to make a doctor’s house call

To make a doctor’s house call, please contact our call center, and our employees will help you to choose the best day and time for a doctor’s visit. Call the usual number and press the button 4 to get in contact with our COVID-19 hot line operators.

Our doctors
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Labunets Roman Vitaliiovych

Labunets Roman Vitaliiovych

A general practitioner is a family doctor; Pediatrician; Physician

10 years of practice

Havryliuk Iryna Oleksandrivna

Havryliuk Iryna Oleksandrivna

Physician; Cardiologist

9 years of practice

Kolomai Nataliia Valeriivna

Kolomai Nataliia Valeriivna

A general practitioner is a family doctor; Pediatrician; Physician

8 years of practice

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