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Test of nonverbal intelligence and cognitive ability

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What is a Nonverbal Intelligence and Cognitive Ability Test?

Leiter-3 test (test for assessing nonverbal intelligence) is a test for the clinical assessment of cognitive functions and mental abilities of children from 3 years of age and adults, both with and without developed speech. This technique allows assessing the cognitive abilities in patients with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), with motor problems and disorders of speaking and hearing.

The international scale of productivity Leiter-3 is a test that allows to assess the current intellectual capabilities and potential, but not the level of knowledge (crystalline intelligence), which gives the doctor opportunity to assess the current level of IQ (Intelligence Coefficient), which in turn meets modern views on its assessment.

What are the benefits of taking a cognitive and nonverbal intelligence test?

  • The Leiter-3 test allows to assess the level of not only intelligence, but memory and attention.
  • Diagnose the degree of mental retardation, as well as giftedness.
  • When conducting the Leiter-3 method, it is possible to evaluate the effectiveness of teaching some developmental activities and programs, as well as to predict the dynamics of the child's development.
  • It can be used both in patients with normal development and with certain pathologies: communication disorders, autism, organic brain lesions, learning disabilities, cognitive retardation, dementia, deaf people).
  • Classes are adapted to all ages - a wide range of core issues.
  • The culture and social class of the population does not matter.
  • The test can be carried out for people for whom Ukrainian or Russian are not native languages (foreigners).

What are the indications for the Leiter-3 test?

The indications for the test are:

  • neurodevelopmental disorders (including autism and hyperactivity and attention disorder);
  • motor disorders (including cerebral palsy);
  • language hearing impairment;
  • patients for whom Ukrainian and Russian are not native languages;
  • post-infarction and post-stroke conditions;
  • conditions after craniocerebral trauma and neurosurgical interventions;
  • organic lesions of the brain.

There are no contraindications to the Leiter-3 technique.

At what age can the test be done?

The service has some age-old limitations - diagnostics are available from 3 years of age to 75 years of age. All test items are age-appropriate. The submission of the test is performed in a playful way, so the interest in the execution is not lost during the test.

What is the total duration of the service and the main points?

The total duration of the service is about 240 minutes. This includes:

  • 2 diagnostic meetings, 60 minutes each;
  • 1 analytical meeting 60 minutes (during which the psychologist assigns points, enters into electronic processing, receives the results and compiles a report on them);
  • 1 meeting with parents, where the results are explained and recommendations are given.

How is the nonverbal intelligence test methodology conducted?

This test consists of a cognitive battery (5 subtests) designed to measure IQ and an attention / memory battery (2 memory subtests and 2 attention subtests).
Testing is carried out in a separate, comfortable room with a specialist, in which parents can be present, but not interfere with the process. The room should not distract the child's attention from the tests, he should be as focused on the test as possible. If possible, the test is divided into several sessions in order to exclude the child's fatigue.

Who can assign the test?

Diagnostics are assigned by one of the following specialists at our clinic in Kiev:

  • a special psychologist;
  • child psychologist;
  • a psychologist for adults;
  • psychotherapist;
  • psychiatrist;
  • neurologist.

Who conducts research on the Dobrobut Medical Centers Network in Kiev?

The test is carried out by our highly qualified specialists in the field of psychology, psychodiagnostics and psychotherapy:

  • Special psychologistChornay Yana.
  • Child psychologist Galyant Kateryna.

Where can you find our "Dobrobut" MN clinic , where you can get tested?

The service is provided in the clinic at the address:

  • Kiev, Heroiv Stalingrada Avenue 4, bldg. 5.

How can you make an appointment with our specialists?

You can get detailed information about the nonverbal intelligence test and sign up for an examination by leaving a request on our website or by calling us at the call-center phone number.

The call center coordinator will transfer the information (your phone number, name of the patient / parents, age) directly to the clinic, where the coordinator forms an appointment for:

  • 2 diagnostic sessions on the same day or on different days (2 times 60 minutes each) - mandatory in the morning (the child must be rested and not hungry)
  • book 1 analytical appointment (60 minutes) at any time of the specialist's schedule;
  • the time of meeting with parents or an adult patient (60 minutes) is assigned upon completion of the full diagnosis.

The price of the service is indicated on the website.


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