Coronary stenting

Description of the service: surgical intervention performed for the purpose of installing a stent - a special frame that is placed in the cavity of hollow organs of a person.

Duration of service: duration of procedure (1-2 stents) – 60 minutes, reservation of operation room for 90 minutes

Filling: the price includes:

  • work of the doctor in the process of direct execution of manipulation;
  • medicines;
  • consumables for manipulation.

Cost: according to the price list + anesthesia on an outpatient basis up to 30 minutes (without the cost of medicines) + medicines and consumables for anesthesia + stay in the postoperative ward from 3 hours to 1 day + consultation of an anesthetist (in case of anesthesia on an outpatient basis up to 30 minutes (without the cost of medicines))

The service is provided in the following subdivisions: "LDC" Dobrobut", st. S. Idzikovskyh, 3.

Who performs (the name of the doctor): an endovascular surgeon, an interventional cardiologist, surgical nurse, anesthetist nurse. Anesthesiologist on request.

Indications: ischemic heart disease, myocardial infarction (post-infarction cardiosclerosis), pain in the heart (angina pectoris).

Preparation: Before percutaneous coronary angioplasty with stents, the patient should not eat or drink. Hospitalized in the first half of the day patients are advised to skip breakfast (that is, the last meal should be supper).

For patients with coronary angiography scheduled for the second half of the day, a light breakfast is allowed.

All patients, regardless of the scheduled time for the percutaneous coronary angioplasty, should take pills in the morning according to the previously prescribed scheme and inject them with a small amount of water.

Exceptions are pill used to treat diabetes, especially those containing metformin. Admission of such pills, as well as insulin injections, should be missed.

In some cases, deviations from this protocol are possible. In all doubtful cases, consult a doctor.

The patient should bring all medical documents he has (extracts, results of analyzes, research disks, etc.)

Age restrictions: None.

The algorithm of service at the contact center: hospitalization in case of scheduled surgical intervention.

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Advantages of Dobrobut Medical Network

High qualification

24-hour-a-day work

Affordable prices

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