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X-Ray diagnostics

X-ray radiography is an examination of any part of a body with X-ray radiation resulting in production of the fixed image on a sensitive film or a screen.

With the help of X-ray radiography doctors can diagnose:

  • infectious, tumoral and other lungs diseases;
  • spinal diseases (osteochondrosis, spondylosis, curvatures, tumoral diseases);
  • fractures, dislocations, tumoral and infectious changes of a skeleton;
  • pathologies of abdominal cavity - organs perforation, kidneys dysfunction and other changes;
  • pathologies of mammary glands.

This system is used for a wide spectrum of examinations of adult patients and also has auxiliary equipment for X-ray-diagnostics of small children.

All kinds of radiological examinations are carried out including contrast and functional examinations.

X-ray radiography are conducted only at the written direction of a physician "Dobrobut" or other medical facility, doctor sealed or institutions.

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