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We all know that when the heart aches, or back, or a tooth - you have to go to the doctor, and do not experiment with self-treatment. But somehow, when it comes to negative emotions, which bring suffering, we often try to get out of this state alone. But the consequences of self-soul is not less severe than the consequences of self-body.

Negative emotions - this is first of all, anxiety and fear, depression, apathy, guilt, loneliness, anger and malice. These closely related painful experiences such as intrusive thoughts and actions, excessive concern about the state of his health, morbid jealousy, shyness, self-doubt and indecision.

Typically, they deal with family problems (conflicts between spouses, infidelity and divorce, difficulties in raising children, complicated relationship with the older generation) or age-related crises (adolescent crisis, the crisis of the second half of life, retirement). And women - often with the pregnancy and the menstrual cycle (premenstrual syndrome, depression and anxiety during pregnancy, postpartum depression, menopause, psychological problems).

An important role in the occurrence of depression is the fact that the late diagnosis and lack of timely treatment can lead to complications. It is therefore important to understand that timely treatment to a specialist for treatment of depression will help to avoid undesirable and often irreversible effects of the disease.

Usually, all these states are accompanied by sleep disturbance (difficulty falling asleep, early awakening, restless sleep, with nightmares, insomnia). They can lead to the formation of addictive behavior: alcohol abuse, obesity, codependency (feelings of relatives of patients suffering from addiction), painful attachment to the partner (unrequited love).

If among these problems is yours, then psychotherapy - it is something that will help you cope. On the basis of MS "Dobrobut" in the hospital for adults you can get professional help specialist (outpatient or in hospital). We can help you get rid of problems such as depression, neuroses, fears, anxiety, autonomic crises, etc.

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