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Penile frenum plasty (Frenuloplasty)

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Penile frenum plasty is a method of surgical correction of a short frenum, when it limits the range of motion between the foreskin and the glans penis. This can cause pain during sex and increased trauma, which can lead to infection.

Plastic surgery provides dissection of the frenum (by electrocoagulation or laser),removal of excess skin and, if necessary, the imposition of atraumatic sutures. Modern methods of plastic surgery of the penile frenum allow achieving the best cosmetic and functional results.

The procedure is carried out under both local and general anesthesia. The frenum plasty takes 20 minutes. An anesthesiologist consultation is needed if general anesthesia is used.

The cost of the procedure includes:

  • service;
  • local for general anesthesia;
  • hospital stay (3 hours);
  • medicines.

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