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Open reduction of the zygomatic complex

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Complex fractures of the zygomatic bone require surgical treatment to restore normal anatomy and create conditions for rapid tissue healing. The best option for this is an open reduction of the zygomatic complex. The correctness of the operation depends not only on the bone fusion but also on the aesthetic result, therefore it is important to choose a good hospital and an experienced doctor.

How is the operation going

In the clinics of the Dobrobut MN, open reduction of the zygomatic bone and the fixation of bone fragments with special fixators are performed. The operation is performed under local or general anesthesia, depending on the complexity of the intervention.

There are 2 options for repositioning:

1. Extraoral. It is carried out using a single-toothed hook, which captures the bone and sets it in place, which is accompanied by a characteristic click. For more complex injuries, forceps, bone sutures, or miniplate osteosynthesis are required.
2. Intraoral. It is performed through internal incisions above the dentition or along the length of the transitional fold. Includes a thorough revision of the bone, its reduction, and fixation with a tight tamponade.

Indications and contraindications

Surgical reduction of the zygomatic complex is required for all patients with displaced bone fractures. The indications for its implementation are:

  • deformation of the face due to the retraction of the tissues of the zygomatic zone;
  • inability to open the mouth;
  • violation of lateral movements of the lower jaw;
  • Difficulty moving the eyeball.

Reduction is performed for absolute medical reasons, its benefits outweigh the possible complications. Therefore, there are no strict contraindications for surgery.
Before the operation, a consultation with a maxillofacial surgeon and an extended examination of the patient is carried out.
You can get detailed information about the open reposition of the zygomatic complex, the prices of the examination, and the cost of the procedures, as well as sign up for a consultation on our website, or by calling the call center number.


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