Orthodontic Dentistry

Prices for services
Service Price, грн
Adult orthodontic diagnostics 5440 To order
Preorthodontic treatment (Trainer, Myobrase system) 9520 To order
Orthodontic treatment using braces with metal ligatures (two jaws) 48950 To order
Orthodontic treatment using metal self-ligated bracket systems (two jaws) 88370 To order
Partial metal brackets 8860 To order
Orthodontic treatment with aesthetic brackets two jaws 65260 To order
Orthodontic treatment with aesthetic self-ligature bracket system 102520 To order
Replacement of elastics, metal wires 860 To order
Aesthetic self-ligating dental arch replacement 2040 To order
Activation and correction of braces 1160 To order
Fixation of metal bracket, lingual button, bite bracket 1130 To order
Replacement of self-ligating bracket 3420 To order
Removal of braces , polishing(1 jaw) 2040 To order
Fixation of a fixed retainer (1 jaw) 2040 To order
Removable retainer production 2160 To order
Positioning of BioRay A1 mini-implant 8160 To order
Доросла ортодонтична діагностика (повний суглобовий протокол) 7490 To order
Orthodontist consultation 960 To order
Formation of a “window” for further retention of orthodontic button 1370 To order
Space holder appliance in mixed byte 4750 To order
Herbst appliance 27190 To order
Supplemental device during treatment with bracket system 7480 To order
Scheduled visit of patient who is undergoing treatment with non-removable equipment 2720 To order
Masticatory muscle deprogramming 2310 To order
Lip bumper 8850 To order
Auxiliary extraoral orthodontic devices (head cap, etc.) 5440 To order
Consultation of a patient who undergoes orthodontic treatment in another clinic 1750 To order
Complex professional oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment 1530 To order
Opening of the palatal suture for orthodontic treatment 8400 To order
Palate clasp (additional device for treatment with braces) 8270 To order
Easycheck (digital visualization of orthodontic treatment prognosis) 8270 To order
Easybite liner treatment of the 1st degree of complexity 76230 To order
Easybite liner treatment of the 2nd degree of complexity 95290 To order
Easybite liner treatment of the 3rd degree of complexity 114350 To order
The course of treatment with an individual elastopositioner 21600 To order
Photo diagnostics 320 To order
Removing the retainer 1580 To order
Orthodontic diagnostics of an adult, expert level 9980 To order
1290 To order

Orthodontic Dentistry

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