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MOC as an alternative opinion

Many patients who are in therapy at other facilities use our “Second opinion” service. It happens when a cancer patient is doubtful of the correctness of the diagnosis or collects opinions of the specialists. The council of our specialists conducts an in-depth study of the results of previous tests, radiological and instrumental examinations, makes a joint advisory decision and presents the treatment guidelines. After that, a patient can decide to receive the treatment in our clinic or pass the information with the recommendations of our specialists to his/her consulting physician.

Every patient with a cancer diagnosis can register for the MOC without a consultation by an oncologist of Dobrobut clinic chain if the former has all the required current information, such as:

  • confirmation of the cancer diagnosis;
  • results of laboratory, instrumental and radiological examinations.

A medical oncological council with the involvement of all the necessary specialists is assembled within 7 working days.

You can receive the treatment guidelines developed by the medical oncological council:

  • at Dobrobut Oncological Clinic Center;
  • in digital form via WhatsApp, Viber, Email, Telegram;
  • by mail (Nova Poshta, Ukrposhta).

After having received the MOC treatment guidelines, a patient will get the explanations of the specialist in any convenient way: via messengers, Zoom, Skype or prone call.

Therefore, the service is available remotely for patients from any locality of Ukraine, and also for Kyiv inhabitants.

Medical oncological councils take place at Dobrobut Oncological Clinic Center at the following address: 3 Simyi Idzikovskych Str.

You can register for a MOC by phone: 0-800-60-60-10.

Treatment of oncological diseases requires the complex approach. The choice of treatment methods depends on the accuracy of the diagnosis and initial data received (in which body part the tumor is located, which are its dimensions, to which organs it is adjacent, how it behaves over time and how the patient feels).

The oncological council of doctors or the multidisciplinary oncological council (MOC) at Dobrobut Oncological Clinic Center will help to confirm the diagnosis and to determine the relevant treatment approach.

The council consists of the practitioners from various fields who study the patient’s profile together with the consulting oncologist, take into account his or her health state and concurrent diseases, assess the risks and prognosis for the course of the disease and then choose the most effective treatment approach. The council decides if the surgical treatment is necessary that often allows avoiding a morbid procedure, which can seriously affect health state and quality of life of a patient.

The multidisciplinary medical council at Dobrobut Oncological Clinic Center is the team of doctors who have the vast experience in diagnostics and treatment of complicated and rare cases of oncological diseases. The multidisciplinary medical council at Dobrobut Oncological Clinic Center consists of the specialists practicing all the methods of treatment and diagnostics of oncological diseases. These are oncologists, chemical therapists, radiation therapists, surgeons, surgeons-oncologists, gynecologists-oncologists, mammologists, ENT specialists, orthopedic oncologists, plastic surgeons, dermatologists and many other specialists.

Multifunctional development of Dobrobut clinic chain allows engaging such specialized doctors in the multidisciplinary council as anesthesiologists, cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, vascular surgeons, endocrinologists for correction of a patient’s comorbidity and complications of the specialized treatment.

The composition of the council is unique because it consists not only of the specialists of Dobrobut clinic chain, but also of other oncological health care facilities of Kyiv. In decision-making, doctors apply international protocols and effective world practice of evidence-based medicine.

Strong partnership with CSD Health Care medical laboratory, the leader of pathomorphological studies in Ukraine, is of paramount importance for the work of multidisciplinary oncological council. Participation of cytologists, pathologists, biologists and geneticists allows interpreting morphological and molecular studies correctly. Participation of a medical geneticist allows consulting patient’s relatives to detect family types of cancer, genetic predisposition of emerging of oncological diseases.

Multidisciplinary councils are rare in many European countries, but they have become the gold standard at Dobrobut clinic chain.

The multidisciplinary oncological council allows to use time effectively because time wasting can cost the patient’s life, and to avoid a medical error. Consulting oncologist, medical manager and patient support service of Dobrobut clinic chain supervise the patient at each stage of the specialized treatment. It allows controlling patient’s state, to perform checkup examinations and diagnostic examinations aimed at assessing of the dynamics of treatment timely.

Multidisciplinary oncological council is mandatory for every patient of Dobrobut Medical Center with a confirmed cancer diagnosis. The MOC can also be organized before each stage of the specialized treatment, and if changes in the patient’s treatment approach are required. Besides, the medical oncological council allows everyone to get an alternative opinion, even if the person is not a Dobrobut patient.


Dobrobut Oncological Clinic Center provides consultations of experienced oncologists, highly specialized doctors included. We can provide consultations by gynecologist-oncologist, oncosurgeon, oncologist-mammologist, oncologist-otorhinolaryngologist, oncologist-traumatologist, oncologist-urologist and other specialists. A general practitioner gives a referral for a consultation in case of a suspected oncological disease revealed during the diagnostic process, or diagnostic examination results require clarifications by a specialist.

During a visit, an oncologist will perform a check-up of the patient, study the results of previous diagnostic examinations, gather information about complaints and prescribe additional diagnostic techniques if necessary.

The main task of oncologists of Dobrobut Oncological Clinic Center is the complete recovery of a patient and maximal preserving of productivity and quality of life. When choosing a treatment approach, our oncologists apply the treatment guidelines developed by the multidisciplinary oncological council of Dobrobut clinic chain which every cancer patient should pass.



  • Ponomarova Olha Volodymyrivna
  • Kovalenko Iryna Andriivna
  • Dekhtiar Tetiana Volodymyrivna


  • Kopchak Kostiantyn Volodymyrovych
  • Zadorozhna Khrystyna Olehivna
  • Brydun Serhii Serhiiovych
  • Shudrak Anatolii Anatoliiovych
  • Polupan Mykola Volodymyrovych
  • Kondratskyi Yurii Mykolaiovych
  • Pepenin Oleksii Volodymyrovych
  • Mendel Mykola Andriiovych


  • Stakhovskyi Oleksandr Eduardovych
  • Vikarchuk Mark Volodymyrovych

Oncology, mammology:

  • Sorokin Ihor Volodymyrovych
  • Habelko Yuliia Andriivna

Tumors of the skin, soft tissues:

  • Kukushkina Mariia Mykolaivna
  • Selivanova Tetiana Anatoliivna
  • Kostiuk Viktor Yuriiovych


  • Kharchenko Kateryna Volodymyrivna
  • Tkalia Yuliia Heorhiivna

Thoracic oncosurgery:

  • Sokolov Vitalii Valeriiovych
  • Kondratskyi Yurii Mykolaiovych
  • Vysotskyi Arkadii Hryhorovych

Endocrine oncosurgery:

  • Cherenko Serhii Makarovych

Hematology, oncohematology:

  • Mishcheniuk Olha Yuriivna

Radiation therapy:

  • Ryzhkova Yuliia Volodymyrivna

Radiation diagnostics:

  • Horoshenko Oleh Volodymyrovych

Pathomorphology (CSD laboratory)

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