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Microcurrent therapy

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Microcurrent therapy is a physiotherapeutic method of influencing the skin, muscles, lymphatic ducts, and blood vessels, based on the action of an electric current of ultra-low strength and amplitude. The effect of the procedure is aimed at restoring the normal electrical charge of cell membranes. It is the changes at this level that cause metabolic disorders and inflammatory processes.

The specialists of the MC Dobrobut clinics use the Zemits X-Skin cosmetology combine - a professional business-class device that allows solving many aesthetic and therapeutic problems.

Microcurrent therapy in Kyiv is an affordable and comfortable way to solve problems with the health of skin, hair, cellulite, improve skin tone and get rid of edema.

Features of microcurrent therapy for face and body

Zemits X-Skin generates electrical currents. The specialist can regulate the strength and intensity of the action for a specific area of the skin and, with the help of handpieces, work out the problem area.

High-quality microcurrent facial therapy is carried out on an outpatient basis in a course. The number of procedures depends on the desired effect and the state of the treated area.

The effect is objectively visible after the first visit to the beauty parlor.

To consolidate the result, you must complete the full course.

The effect of microcurrent therapy lasts an average of 6 months. The patient should repeat the course 2 times a year to maintain the result.

On average, the patient receives a course of 10-15 sessions with an interval of 2-3 days. The huge advantage of the method is that it can be used both to eliminate existing problems and for preventive purposes. It is often combined with other hardware procedures.

What tasks does microcurrent therapy solve?

Using physiotherapeutic procedures helps to speed up the recovery processes in tissues, improves trophism, and relieves lymphostasis. Microcurrents for the body are also a way to get rid of painful sensations due to muscle spasms or previous traumatic procedures.

The procedure is shown where you need:

  • restore skin and muscle tone;
  • restore normal microcirculation in tissues, promote the saturation of cells with oxygen and nutrients;
  • get rid of wrinkles and swelling;
  • get rid of excess activity of the sebaceous glands and clogged pores;
  • eliminate inflammatory processes, carry out the prevention of their formation;
  • neutralize the effects of acne, stress, postoperative manipulations.

The advantage of the procedure is that the skin cannot adapt to microcurrents for the face - the cost of repeated visits will not increase because of the increase in intensity.


  • Weak electric currents are widely used in medicine and cosmetology, but they have several aim limitations.
  • First, it is an installed pacemaker, metal pins, implanted gold threads.
  • Even weak electrical impulses can affect the functioning of the heart if there are violations in its performance.
  • Women during pregnancy and lactation will also have to not use microcurrents.
  • Malignant neoplasms are taboo for the procedure.
  • The severe form of somatic diseases, chronic pathologies in the stage of exacerbation. Epilepsy.
  • Individual intolerance to electric current.

Before prescribing a course, a cosmetologist at the Dobrobut Clinic will collect all the information about the patient’s health and only after deciding whether this service is right for you.

How are microcurrents for the face in Kyiv

The average session duration is 30-50 minutes. Cosmetic harvester Zemits X-Skin allows you to select electrodes that are most convenient for exposure to a specific area of the body.

The protocol of the procedure includes 3 stages:

  • Preparing the skin by pre-cleaning and applying a gel that promotes the conduction of electrical impulses.
  • Direct impact on the established line patterns.
  • Applying a moisturizer.

Microcurrent facial therapy at a price that does not exceed other popular cosmetology procedures can be included between services.

Care after the procedure

The clinic’s specialist selects individual recommendations for each patient. The following rules are general:

  • refrain from decorative cosmetics for the next 24 hours;
  • drink enough liquid - 1-liter minimum;
  • exclude alcohol and fatty foods.

The best solution would be at least partial elimination of factors that worsen the condition of the skin. Normalizing your sleep patterns, avoiding harmful foods, and spending a lot of time in the fresh air will help maintain the result.

Advantages of contacting the clinic MC "Dobrobut"

To get a consultation with a cosmetologist and find out the timing and cost of therapy, just call or fill out a form on the clinic's website. A doctor of the highest category with extensive practical experience will work with you.

Modern cosmetology devices allow you to quickly, comfortably, painlessly eliminate even pronounced imperfections:

  • You will restore the attractiveness of the face and body.
  • Long-term rehabilitation is not required.
  • The course guarantees a long-lasting, pronounced effect.

The price of microcurrents is affordable for most of our customers, and their benefits are truly priceless.


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