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What can an ENT treatment unit do?

This modern device is not only a relief for otolaryngologists, but also makes a patient's stay in the doctor's office more comfortable.

The treatment unit allows a videoimage endoscopy function. The examination is performed by the doctor, while a computerized system displays an enlarged image of the processes in the nose, throat or ear.

The patient is able to reassure of the treatment efficiency, since the examination using a special endoscopic probe is performed both before and after the therapy prescribed by the doctor. Images are entered in the computer, which allows comparing them. Besides endoscopy, the treatment unit gives a possibility to use other methods of ENT diseases diagnostics and treatment.

At tonsillitis, tonsils may be vacuum-cleaned using a special nozzle. The treatment unit evacuates purulent clogs and phlegm from the obstructed glands carefully.

At maxillary sinusitis, such device allows performing convenient lavage of maxillary sinuses. In its turn, a spray nozzle provides ablution of the nose or ear with antibacterial, antiseptic and other medication. There is also an ear lavage function.

Due to the treatment unit, it is much easier for a doctor to remove a cerumen impaction from the ear. All one has to do is to "shoot" targetedly from a special nozzle. The device heat the water to the required temperature (36,6ºC), controls the "shot" force and water pressure automatically. During the procedure, another probe is placed near the ear, that aspirates the used water. This is more efficient and less dangerous than a usual syringe procedure.

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