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A neurosurgeon is a highly specialized surgeon who has in-depth knowledge and is involved in the diagnosis, prevention, surgical treatment, and rehabilitation of diseases associated with the nervous system. Which includes the spinal cord, brain, cerebrovascular system, and the central and peripheral nervous system.

What are the responsibilities of a neurosurgeon doctor during a consultation?

During the consultation, neurosurgeons of our clinic of neurosurgery in Kyiv conduct an examination, take anamnesis, evaluate the results of examinations and prescribe the necessary additional tests. To make the final diagnosis, general clinical tests, ultrasound, radiography, CT, MRI are necessarily assessed, and specialists related to neurosurgery are also consulted. When the diagnosis is finally established, our specialists are determined with the treatment, including both conservative and the operation in our clinic, MS "Dobrobut".

What diseases does a neurosurgeon treat?

Neurosurgeons treat tumors of the brain, spine, interventional prolapse or hernia of the spine, trauma, stroke, etc. Vascular diseases, infections of the brain or spinal cord, or degenerative diseases of the spine are also treated by neurosurgeons.

You can consult our neurosurgeon in Kyiv at the Dobrobut MS if you have:

  • prolonged aching, burning, or sharp pain in the back, cervical spine, headaches;
  • numbness or weakness of the upper or lower limb;
  • history of episodes of loss of consciousness, temporary convulsions, or paralysis;
  • suffered an ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke;
  • revealed changes in the structures of the brain or spine according to the results of CT or MRI;
  • sudden loss of vision, hearing, or movement of a part of the body;
  • severe headaches after an injury;
  • there is a dysfunction of the pelvic organs (bladder, intestines).

If you experience similar symptoms, we advise you to make an appointment with our specialists. Timely consultation will prevent negative consequences for your health.

What types of operations are performed by neurosurgeons in our clinic?

Neurosurgeons perform a variety of operations, both minimally invasive and complex, including brain tumors, spinal surgery, craniotomy, traumatic injury, skull base surgery, and peripheral nerve surgery.

In the clinic of neurosurgery "Dobrobut" our specialists perform the following types of modern surgical interventions on the brain, spine, and peripheral nervous system, which have successfully proven themselves:

  • installation of external ventricular drainage;
  • decompression craniectomy;
  • discectomy with the anterior approach of the cervical spine;
  • spinal fusion;
  • posterior decompression surgery for Arnold-Chiari malformation;
  • posterior cervical microdiscetomy;
  • instrumentation of spinal fractures;
  • kyphoplasty;
  • vertebroplasty;
  • cranioplasty with a plate (titanium, protacryl, autobone);
  • microvascular decompression of the cranial nerves (Janetta);
  • standard microdiscetomy of the spine;
  • occipitospondylodesis, Harms, and Magerl techniques;
  • anterior corporectomy / discectomy of the cervical spine;
  • skeletal traction and closed reduction in the trauma of the cervical spine;
  • removal of metal structures;
  • removal of intracerebral formations (hematomas, abscesses, bones, parasitic cysts, foreign bodies);
  • removal of membranes (hematomas, hydromas, empyema, abscesses, foreign bodies);
  • removal of tumors (metastases) of the vertebrae, spinal cord;
  • removal of a brain tumor;
  • establishment of a ventriculo-peritoneal shunt;
  • elimination of spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis;
  • foraminotomy.

What modern methods are actively introduced and used during operations by our neurosurgeons?

Modern and most advanced intraoperative methods that we use in the clinic of neurosurgery in Kyiv:

  • Brain mapping and neuronavigation: Image-guided surgery for accurate resection of brain tumors.
  • Neuroendoscopy: A minimally invasive surgical procedure to remove a tumor.
  • Intraoperative computed tomography: a three-dimensional imaging device used during surgery.
  • Intraoperative ultrasound: real-time imaging (sonogram) of the inside of the body to help the surgeon find tumors.
  • Neurophysiological monitoring: continuous assessment of the functional integrity of certain nerve structures.
  • Stereotactic radiosurgery: focused radiation beams for the treatment of brain and spine tumors.
  • Ventriculoperitoneal bypass surgery: A method to reduce the pressure on the brain caused by fluid build-up.
  • Endoscopic third ventriculostomy: A technique that allows cerebrospinal fluid to drain out of the brain.

How can you choose your neurosurgeon?

Most often, neurosurgeons are asked for help from doctors for referrals from other specialists, referring to their recommendations and reviews. When choosing the best specialist in neurosurgery in Ukraine, you should pay attention to criteria such as work experience, qualifications, a list of services that he provides (a list of operations that the surgeon performs).

You can get acquainted with the team of our specialists of the Clinic of Neurosurgery MS "Dobrobut" for a quick solution to the problem of finding highly professional neurosurgeons. Our doctors are constantly improving, attending international forums, taking part in international conferences, and training in the best clinics in Europe and America.

Why is the consultation of a neurosurgeon in the Dobrobut medical network of clinics in Kyiv?

  • our specialists use the best and most modern equipment;
  • highly qualified neurosurgeons of the clinic of neurosurgery in Kyiv are able to detect pathology at the initial stages of development and promptly carry out an intervention, which contributes to successful recovery;
  • neurosurgeons working at the Dobrobut Medical Center are the best specialists not only in Ukraine but also in Europe, which guarantees a successful outcome of the operation;
  • high level of service and balanced pricing policy in the city of Kyiv;
  • neurosurgeon's consultation - an individual approach to each patient.

What is the cost of a consultation with a neurosurgeon at Dobrobut MS in Kyiv?

The primary consultation of a neurosurgeon doctor in our clinic has democratic prices in Ukraine. The cost of the service includes the systematization of the anamnesis, the appointment of a comprehensive diagnosis, or the analysis of its results.

How to sign up for a consultation with a neurosurgeon at Dobrobut MS?

Having chosen a qualified neurosurgeon, you can make an appointment with him by the specified phone number or through an online application on our website. MS "Dobrobut" works around the clock and our operators are ready to answer all your questions.


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