Emergency Department

Consultation of gastroenterologist

Description of the service: examining the doctor, getting acquainted with the history of the patient's illnesses, as well as establishing a diagnosis. In the process of consultation, it is possible to pick up analyzes, treatments and diagnostics for a separate fee. Issue of written recommendations for examination and treatment, certificate or sick leave sheet (if necessary).

Our doctors
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Borodina Elena Aleksandrovna

Therapist, general practitioner (family doctor)

18 years of practice
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Burbaeva Svetlana Anatolievna

Therapist, gastroenterologist, ultrasound diagnostician

17 years of practice
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​Bukulova Nana Yuryevna
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​Bukulova Nana Yuryevna

Pediatrician, gastroenterologist

13 years of practice
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Bilash Natalia Nikolayevna

General practitioner, gastroenterologist

12 years of practice
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Advantages of Dobrobut health care network

High qualification

24-hour-a-day work

Affordable prices

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