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Instrumentation of spinal fractures + decompression (without the cost of the set)

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What is spine instrumentation?

Instrumentation of the spine is a definition in neurosurgery, which is replaced by a set of measures using metal structures, which are produced using modern technologies, aimed at stabilizing the spinal column in case of its instability. Modern neurosurgery can offer the patient not only the use of metal clamps but also polymer structures (hydrocarbon fiber).

What is Spine Decompression?

Spinal decompression is an operation in which a part of the spinal arch above and below the vertebrae is removed, as well as free-lying fragments that compress the structures of the spinal cord, after which the compression stops. This procedure results in the loss of normal spinal stability. Then additional fixation is performed.

Why MS Dobrobut?

Our specialists can offer surgical interventions using the most modern European stabilization systems using minimally invasive access. This allows you to return to your normal life almost immediately after surgery (7-10 days).

The price of an operation in MS Dobrobut depends on the type of material used and the technique of the operation. The cost of the set is not included in the price of decompression and instrumentation of the spine.

You can sign up for a consultation with our MS Dobrobut specialists by leaving a request on our website, or by calling the call center number.


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