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Immunotherapy is a new method of cancer treatment. Its aim is to use and activate the immune system for the struggle with cancer cells. There have been considerable achievements in the area of immunotherapy application for struggle against cancer within the last years.

The method of activation of immune cells for struggle against cancer is not new, it was applied at the first time hundred years ago, when various bacteria (for example, streptococci) were administered to patients to stimulate protective functions of the body against cancer. The experiments allowed to stop the growth and to reduce the size of a tumor, but did not release from the disease, that is why this method has been further studied and improved using new knowledge and advances. Some of the advances became a breakthrough and received the Nobel prize, such as the method of influence on the immune system which is used to control the behavior of cancer cells.

FDA-approved immunotherapy exists for several types of cancer, melanoma, lung cancer, renal cancer, urinary bladder cancer and lymphoma included. Many other immunotherapy methods are in developmental stage.

Types of immunotherapy:

  • Cell therapy. Immunotherapy can be performed as taking medications or as cell therapy that means that the patient’s own immune cells are taken from his or her body and are returned into the body after their modification.
  • Checkpoint inhibitors. They work ejecting a natural brake for the immune system: T-cells start to recognize and attack tumors.
  • CAR Т-cell therapy. Т-cell therapy with a chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) is the approach when scientists genetically construct patient’s own immune cells to receive new protein.
  • Vaccines against cancer. Therapeutic vaccines against cancer train the body to be able to protect itself from its own damaged or ill-defined cells, cancer cells included.

Dobrobut oncological clinic center provides the whole range of medical services for the treatment of oncological diseases, including the immunotherapy approach.

Quality modern antitumor medications that guarantee selective exposure on malignant cells are used for immunotherapy at Dobrobut.

Medications selection is performed based on molecular, immunohistochemical and histopathological examinations of the rumor that are carried out on the basis of CSD Health care medical laboratory.

How immunotherapy works

The idea to start using the method of immune system stimulation in the fight against cancer did not come about by chance. The fact is that cancer (damaged) cells are generated daily by a healthy human body. Their onset in the body is still unknown, there are some versions that include:

  • genetic predisposition,
  • influence of adverse external factors,
  • smoking,
  • contacts with toxic agents,
  • virus infections,
  • steady stress,
  • chronic diseases.

By contrast with healthy cells, “bad” ones divide unlimitedly, grow rapidly, extend to healthy tissues that causes consumption of the body. The function of the immune system is to prevent these cells from unlimited reproduction.

As a rule, the immune defense works, and not all the damaged cells provoke a disease. The challenge is that “ill” cells begin to disguise as healthy ones and kill the latter. In such a case the immune system stops fighting against them, and an oncological disease emerges.

Thus, scientists made a conclusion that immunity should be engaged to successfully treat oncological diseases. It only remains to teach the immune system to recognize and neutralize cancer cells, and the task is successfully completed by the immunotherapy.

How chemical therapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapy are performed

Before the start of the treatment a consulting physician carries out a check-up and studies the results of the tests (histopathological, immunohistochemical, molecular and other). Based on the data received, he or she determines the composition and the duration of the course of treatment. A doctor selects medications individually for every patient taking into account disease stage, health condition, age, concurrent diseases and other factors.

The process of treatment comes amid regular check-ups by the specialists who control the course and side effects of the therapy. The scheme is corrected by the consulting physician, if necessary.

Apart from the highest standards of treatment, we will provide the high level of medical services: comfortable rooms for therapy are equipped with all the necessary modern means for the delivery of care.

Room for pharmaceutical cancer treatment

When the immunotherapy applied

Despite the fact that immunotherapy has demonstrated its efficiency in the treatment of various cancer types, it is too soon to speak that it can completely replace chemical therapy. Scientists continue their work and develop new medications for the treatment of complicated oncological diseases. At the same time, many clinical trials confirm safety and effectiveness of immunotherapy for the treatment of some types of oncological diseases, such as:

  • lung cancer;
  • melanoma;
  • renal cancer;
  • breast cancer;
  • urinary bladder cancer;
  • Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Indications for immunotherapy are expanded due to many clinical trials that take place throughout the world at the moment.

Dobrobut clinic chain successfully applies immunotherapy in case of

  • lung cancer
  • breast cancer
  • renal cancer
  • melanoma
  • oncological diseases of stomach
  • bowel cancer
  • thyroid cancer
  • genital organs cancer

Immunotherapy is a relatively new method of cancer treatment, that is why the price for such medications is relatively high in Ukraine. However, their therapeutic effect and preserving of the quality of life during the therapy completely justify these expenses.

Side effects

Despite the fact that immunotherapy is considered the cancer treatment method with minimal number of side effects, individual reactions to medications are still possible. It is worth remembering that for some types of cancer this type of treatment is considered the most effective. During the whole treatment the medical staff of Dobrobut oncological center will record the general health condition of a patient, and a consulting physician will correct the dosage and dosing schedule if necessary.


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