Medical support of public events

Prices for services
Service Price, грн
Additional payment for medical support at airport runway 3600 To order
Medical support of 2 or more patients by the emergency team (1 hour) 1750 To order
Medical support of public events (1 hour) 2100 To order
Medical support of a patient by an medical emergency team inside Ukraine (1 hour) 3550 To order
Medical support of a patient by an intensive care team outside Ukraine (1 hour) 4150 To order
Medical support of the patient by intensive care team within Ukraine (1 h) 4150 To order

Duty of an ambulance or emergency aid team during any public event is the foundation of people’s safety. The format of the event does not matter: it may be a school assembly, a concert or a sporting event, anyway, you should have medical personnel with all that is needed for the first aid. Somebody can feel sick even during peaceful assemblies because of overheating or undercooling, heartache or pressure rise. Especially it concerns the events where the mixed contingent is present: adults, children, elderly people.

Emergency aid of Dobrobut clinic chain means:

  • Qualified team - regular training, personnel certification
  • Only serviceable and new ambulances
  • Modern, expert equipment - the carriages are equipped with ventilators and cardiac monitors
Our doctors
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Afonina Tatiana Vladimirovna

Afonina Tatiana Vladimirovna

Cardiologist; Physician

22 years of practice

Anikieieva Tatiana Vladimirovna

Anikieieva Tatiana Vladimirovna

Physician; Cardiologist; Rheumatologist

22 years of practice

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Advantages of Dobrobut Medical Network

High qualification

24-hour-a-day work

Affordable prices

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