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Pediatric cardiology

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Not only elderly people can have cardiac diseases. Children can suffer from heart diseases too. Pediatric cardiac pathologies can be congenital or acquired. The task of a pediatric cardiologist is to detect the pathology of heart development in time and prescribe the necessary treatment.

When you should see a pediatric cardiologist

Some heart development pathologies can be detected already in an unborn child by virtue of the modern diagnostic equipment. The first check-up of a child and detection of cardiovascular pathologies takes place in a maternity clinic and is followed by a pediatric physician during any scheduled visit. In case a pediatric physician suspects a cardiac pathology of a baby, for example, a cardiac rhythm disorder or cardiac murmurs, the former will recommend to visit a pediatric cardiologist.

It is also worth knowing that many infectious diseases can cause complications and influence on the functioning and development of the child's cardiovascular system. That is why, if you have noticed changes in child's general condition, you should visit pediatric cardiologist to examine the heart functioning.

You should also visit a pediatric cardiologist if your child complains on the following symptoms or manifestations:

  • retrosternal pain;
  • shortbreathing;
  • rapid heartbeat;
  • arrhythmic heart functioning;
  • weakness, fatigability;
  • headache;
  • dizziness.

The symptoms indicating the necessity of the examination by cardiologist are as follows:

  • decreased exercise tolerance;
  • loss of consciousness, precollaptoid state;
  • insufficient weight gain (especially for newborns and tender-age infants);
  • difficulties when feeding;
  • paleness, blue nasolabial triangle (cyanosis);
  • nosebleeds.

Any developmental pathologies and cardiovascular system functioning disorders need close analysis to reveal and eliminate the cause of the disease and also to identify the beginning of the disease in time and prescribe the necessary treatment. If not, cardiovascular diseases can become chronic and influence on overall health, development and quality of life of a child.

Pediatric cardiologists of Dobrobut clinic chain know all the modern methods of diagnostics and treatment of cardiovascular diseases of children.

You can ask for our consultation if your child was diagnosed with the following diseases:

  • congenital heart disease;
  • cardiac insufficiency;
  • cardiac rhythm disorder and cardiac conduction disease;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • arterial hypotension;
  • myocarditis;
  • infective endocarditis;
  • cardiomyopathy;
  • metabolic syndrome;
  • mitral valve prolapse;
  • acquired heart diseases;
  • minor structural anomalies of the heart;
  • vegetative dysfunction syndrome.


Life and health of a child depend on the depth and precision of diagnostics for detection of various cardiovascular pathologies. Dobrobut clinic chain created the perfect conditions to give your children access to the most modern and precise diagnostics, and to make it comfortable and safe.

In our clinic you can undergo the complex of required diagnostic examinations necessary to evaluate the cardiovascular system condition. The examinations include laboratory and instrumental diagnostics.

Laboratory diagnostics includes clinical blood analysis, rheumatoid tests, analysis for determination of lipid status and other tests.

Dobrobut clinic chain offers the following types of instrumental diagnostics:

  • pulseoximetry (determination of blood oxygenation percentage);
  • resting ECG and exercise stress tests;
  • EchoCG;
  • X-ray radiography;
  • Holter monitoring (HM);
  • 24-hour AP monitoring;
  • treadmill test for older children.

A pediatric cardiologist selects a complex of diagnostic examination techniques individually, based on the patient’s history and state.


Treatment of cardiovascular pathologies requires complex approach and greater attention of a consulting physician.

Qualified doctors of Dobrobut clinic chain are well experienced in the treatment of pediatric cardiovascular diseases using all the available modern techniques including innovative solutions and achievements in global medicine.

Our specialists use both pharmacological therapy in compliance with international protocols and physiotherapeutic techniques in treatment.

A pediatric cardiologist can give a referral for a consultation of cardiovascular surgeon for surgical treatment in the cardiac surgery unit of Dobrobut clinic chain if a child has a cardiac pathology.

Experienced and attentive doctors, modern diagnostic equipment and the most comfortable conditions of the private clinic will support the speedy recovery and rehabilitation of your child after the disease.

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