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Pediatric cardiology

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Consultation of a pediatric cardiologist

Cardiovascular pathologies are the most common in the modern world, and, unfortunately, they also do not go unnoticed by children. The child's body is very susceptible to any disorders, and minor complaints, which can be suspected of a problem of the cardiovascular system, are a good reason to visit a doctor.

The pediatric cardiologist is responsible for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of heart and circulatory disorders in children.

What diseases does a pediatric cardiologist treat?

The specialist treats the following pathologies of the cardiovascular system:

  • congenital or acquired heart defects;
  • changes in blood pressure;
  • functional noise;
  • arrhythmias;
  • rheumatic diseases;
  • mitral valve prolapse;
  • myocardial dystrophy, myocarditis;
  • endocarditis;
  • cardiomyopathy;
  • atherosclerosis, etc.

When is it necessary to consult a pediatric cardiologist?

The first scheduled appointment with a pediatric cardiologist should be performed at 1 month of age - to detect early pathologies. In the presence of diseases of the cardiovascular system, the child must be on the dispensary register, periodically undergo examinations and preventive treatment.

For healthy children, it is recommended to annually attend a preventive examination by a pediatric cardiologist, so as not to miss the development of the disease.

You should make an unscheduled appointment with a doctor if you have the following symptoms in a child:

  • rapid fatigue, general lethargy;
  • bluish nasolabial triangle;
  • there are complaints of pain in the heart, left shoulder blade, left shoulder;
  • swelling of the legs;
  • fainting in a child;
  • shortness of breath;
  • rapid heartbeat;
  • frequent dizziness.

It is also recommended to make an appointment with a pediatric cardiologist if the child has recently had the flu, scarlet fever, sore throat, and other serious infectious diseases, as they can give complications to the heart.

How is an appointment with a pediatric cardiologist?

At the Dobrobut clinic, patients receive a full range of medical services when they see a pediatric cardiologist.

At the initial consultation, the specialist collects a complete history, interviews the parents or the child, finds out whether there is a hereditary predisposition to cardiovascular disease, how the mother's pregnancy, whether there were any previous acute infectious diseases. After the interview, the pediatric cardiologist begins an objective examination, based on which he prescribes laboratory and instrumental tests. An ECG to assess the conduction system of the heart, ECHO-CG (ultrasound of the heart) to assess its anatomical structure, in certain situations may require an ultrasound, vascular Holter daily monitoring, treadmill test, and other ancillary methods.

If the results of the tests revealed the presence of pathology - the pediatric cardiologist develops the most effective treatment tactics based on the individual characteristics of the child.

You can make an appointment with the best specialists in the field of pediatric cardiology in Ukraine in the network of medical clinics "Dobrobut".

Our advantages

  • Quality service of the European level
  • The best specialists with many years of practical experience
  • Individual approach to each patient
  • A wide range of medical and diagnostic services
  • Use of the latest equipment

Make an appointment with a qualified pediatric cardiologist in Kyiv today, so as not to postpone solving the problem until tomorrow. You can do this by choosing a convenient time to visit the clinic on the site or by calling the numbers of our call center.


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