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An allergy is an altered immune response to a substance that is not actually harmful to the body, but is determined by the immune system as such. Allergic manifestations in children are quite common and are specified by many factors, such as peculiar hereditary properties of a child, nutrition, food supplements in the diet, chronic diseases.

In general, allergic reactions in children can have many different manifestations. The main problem in diagnosing the allergy is similarity of its symptoms with other respiratory and skin diseases. It is the task of a pediatric allergist to provide the accurate diagnosis, identify an allergen, prescribe the appropriate treatment to relieve the symptoms and take the necessary preventive measures to ease the course of allergies in the future.

The specifics of allergic diseases is that they are all chronic, because if once the body responses to a substance in the form of an allergic reaction, it means that every time coming in contact with this substance the body will response in the same allergic way.

The most common allergic diseases in children are:

  • bronchial asthma;
  • allergic rhinitis;
  • atopic dermatitis;
  • urticaria.

Symptoms that may indicate an allergic reaction in a child include prolonged respiratory illness, as well as dry and itchy skin.

The following factors can indicate that this is an allergy:

  • symptoms recur at certain times of the season;
  • symptoms occur in similar circumstances (same food, contact with detergents, animals, etc.);

Therefore, you should suspect an allergy and consult a doctor if the following symptoms periodically develop or are persistent in your child:

  • cough,
  • shortness of breath;
  • tearing and redness of the eyes;
  • itchy skin;
  • skin rash.
  • symptoms do not disappear within two weeks


When diagnosing allergic diseases, it is important not only to confirm the symptoms of allergy, but also to identify the substance (allergen) to minimize the contact with it in the future.

Diagnosis of allergic diseases consists of

  • examination by a doctor and taking disease history from a patient and parents;
  • full blood count;
  • spirography with special tests to assess the function of external respiration (when respiratory manifestations occur);
  • special skin tests (patch tests) to identify the causes of contact dermatitis;
  • special blood analyses to identify the causative allergen

The Dobrobut Medical Network is equipped with everything to undergo a complete diagnosis for identifying allergic diseases, as well as the substances that cause them. A doctor prescribes the necessary examination procedures regarding the patient’s history and condition.


Treatment of allergic diseases requires a comprehensive approach and efforts, both by the doctor and by the child’s parents. After all, often a change in lifestyle and diet helps to avoid the negative manifestations of allergies. It is impossible to completely cure allergies, but it is possible to minimize contact with allergen and strengthen the immune system to relieve the course of the disease and improve the life quality.

Allergists of the Dobrobut MC use modern methods of evidence-based medicine, approved by international and Ukrainian clinical guidelines for treatment.

Treatment of allergic diseases in children may consist of the following steps:

  • doctor’s advice and recommendations to reduce or eliminate exposure to allergens, which may include dietary adjustments, skin care tips and others;
  • taking medications, if necessary.

Pediatric allergist will tell parents what to do if a child has an acute allergic reaction and in which cases it is necessary to call an ambulance immediately, as well as what can be done while waiting for the doctor.

Children with allergies need continuous monitoring by an allergist, who, if necessary, will prescribe a comprehensive immunotherapy to reduce the manifestations of allergic reactions.

Our strengths

By seeking medical help for your child’s allergic disease at the Dobrobut MC, you can be sure both in the quality of the medical services in the comfort of a private clinic and in the following important things:

  • we avoid prescribing unnecessary procedures and painful examinations;
  • we try to prescribe a minimum of medications and only those that have proven their efficacy and are included into the international clinical guidelines;
  • duration of the medication treatment will be determined in each particular case;
  • we will definitely teach patients and their parents the algorithms of dealing with emergencies.

Our doctors continuously improve their skills and use the acquired knowledge in their clinical practice. You can be sure that in the case of allergic diseases, your child will receive the state-of-the-art treatment based on the principles of evidence-based medicine.

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