Radiological biopsy

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Service Price, грн
Ultrasonic-guided needle biopsy 2000 To order
Transrectal multifocal biopsy of prostate under ultrasound control 8000 To order
Fine needle biopsy under endosonography (EUS) 29630 To order
Kidney biopsy under ultrasound control 5970 To order

Additional visualization techniques such as CT and ultrasound are used for better targeting when taking the material from the most suspected area for examination during the biopsy. The choice of the technique depends on which of them provides better visualization of the area.

After doctors have received a tissue sample, it is sent to a pathologist for examination; the latter analyses the sample received under the microscope and determines if the removed tissue is malignant or benign.

Examination results contain a detailed description of the tumor type. Additional immunohistochemical and/or molecular tests can be performed to determine the type of the tumor or its characteristics more precisely and to choose the treatment approach.


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