Emergency Department

Volkova Olga Ivanovna

Информация о враче: Volkova Olga Ivanovna


  • Bogomolets Kiev National Medical University

Priority area of practice and range of medical advice

  • skin diseases
  • removal of skin lesion
  • cryodestruction
  • electroscission
  • dermatoscopy

Other areas of professional interests

  • gastroenterology
  • psychology

A piece of advice for patients

‘It is important to learn to place greater confidence in the recommendations and the advice of a doctor rather than turn to ‘Dr. Google’ (it is a bad idea in dermatology). There was a case in my practice, when a patient, on the advice of a pharmacist, took ‘pills’ and ‘shots’. Having missed the timely diagnosis of syphilis, he infected his wife and children.’

About work

‘A good doctor is a doctor who never follows the lead of misguided patients. The main thing people need to understand: it is easier to prevent a disease than to treat it.’

‘Work in Dobrobut gives a doctor an opportunity to use a wide range of laboratory and instrumental diagnosis and to get a faster advice of allied specialists.’

Hobbies and interests

‘I devote my spare time to self-education and roses growing. I am fond of exotic travels as well.’

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