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Voynovskaya Irina Vladimirovna

Voynovskaya  Irina  Vladimirovna
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Doctor information: Voynovskaya Irina Vladimirovna


Bogomolets Kiev National Medical University, Department of pediatrics.

Priority area of practice

  • Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of child's nervous system;
  • Children's rehabilitation after the disease;
  • Medical supervision of young children.

Professional development paths

  • Courses on thematic improvement and pre-certification courses;
  • Participation in neurological conferences, including international ones, dedicated to the children treatment under one year with hypoxic lesions of the central nervous system, epilepsy, convulsions, minimal brain dysfunction, headaches. ‘’
  • Publications in the periodical magazines ‘Mother and her child’, ‘My child’, ‘Mother and me.’
  • Lecturing at school for mothers;
  • Participations in local TV programs.

Peculiarities of working with patients

‘It is vital to love children. I like working with them very much. I love kids most of all – I immediately want to kiss them and take care of.’

‘State of your mind and mood is very important in neurologist work. Children feel it and gladly contact you.’

A piece of advice for patients

‘If small children often get nervous, suffer from sleep disorders, you should consult a neurologist.’

‘Older children disturbing symptoms may include the following behavioral responses: behavioral disorders, headaches, breath-holding spell which make children fall almost losing consciousness, sleep disorders and neuroses of various localization.’

About work

‘My typical patients are parents with children of the first year of life with hypoxic lesions of the central nervous system and various syndromes. To prevent these diseases, a woman must be more attentive to her health during pregnancy, and an obstetrician must competently take delivery. That's the whole prevention.’

‘I would also like to warn young mothers from early returning to work after childbirth. Children feel the lack of mother`s attention very well. Until your baby is a year old, it is extremely important for a mother to be near her child.’

Hobbies and Interests

‘I like going to the cinema with my child. My husband and I have recently liked skiing and biking very much. We try to rest actively every free minute!’

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Patients' opinion about: Voynovskaya Irina Vladimirovna

Анна Исаева
Price / Quality
Внимательная и находящая подход к ребёнку. Прекрасный специалист. Советую.
Анно, дякуємо Вам за відгук і рекомендацію. Бажаємо Вашій донечці рости здоровенькою.
З повагою, департамент контролю якості сервісу та клієнтського обслуговування
Price / Quality
Врач очень внимательная, контактная с ребенком. Все рассказала и дала дельные рекомендации. На все вопросы ответила четко и понятно. Визитом довольны.
Юліє, дякуємо Вам за відгук. Дуже раді, що Ви залишилися задоволені візитом. Бажаємо Вашому синочку рости здоровеньким.
З повагою, департамент контролю якості сервісу та клієнтського обслуговування
Price / Quality
Были на плановом осмотре у Ирины Владимировны, очень приятная врач. Дала дельные рекомендации относительно сложившейся проблемы, осталось приятное впечатление от приема.
Альвина, спасибо за положительный отзыв и добрые слова в адрес доктора.
С уважением, департамент по контролю качества медицинского обслуживания.
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