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Rykova Stanislava Oleksandrivna

Rykova Stanislava Oleksandrivna

Doctor information: Rykova Stanislava Oleksandrivna

Education: O. O. Bogomolets National Medical University.

Areas of professional development:

  • member of the board of the Ukrainian Academy of Pediatric Specialties, member of the board of the Central Ukrainian Academy of Pediatric Specialties
  • participates in the conferences of Ukrainian Academy of Pediatric Specialties and Central Ukrainian Academy of Pediatric Specialties as moderator and speaker
  • participated in the management of education events for the doctors of Dobrobut Medical Center
  • provides training of interns in pediatrics and infectious diseases
  • after graduation from the medical school worked as an infectious disease specialist in the system of military hospitals, then in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • in 2007 resumed
  • the specialty of a pediatric physician and started to work in Dobrobut Medical Center as a pediatric consultant and an infectious disease specialist
  • starting from 2016, works as a medical expert in pediatrics and infectious diseases of children and adults

Priority areas in clinical practice:

  • Consulting on herpetic infections, helminthic invasions and other problematic issues in the area of infectious diseases.
  • Taking care of children with special needs as a pediatric physician.

Medical fields of interest:

  • General psychology.
  • Medical psychology.
  • Medical communication.
  • Pediatric and adult psychiatry.

Dobrobut Medical Center strengths

“The clinic provides excellent possibilities for professional advancement. It includes also the provision of all you need for efficient work.”

Trends in treatment of infectious diseases

“In recent years special attention is given to infectious diseases in the world. This is the reason why infectious disease professionals are in high demand.”

Doctor’s advice

“Find a really good doctor for you and your children and trust him or her.”

About work

“A good doctor, first of all, is an excellent professional who hasn’t lost his soul.”

About health

“I have sessions with my instructor in the sports club 3 times a week, I run every morning. I undergo annual medical examinations according to my age. I keep to the schedule of work and rest.”

About interests

“My hobbies are traveling, handcraft, cooking, and sport. My favorite films are The Best Offer, The Book Thief, The Imitation Game, Chocolat. My favorite books are: The Heart of a Dog by M. Bulgakov

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