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Petrashik Vladimir Iosifovich

Doctor information: Petrashik Vladimir Iosifovich


Bukovinian State Medical University

Professional development paths

• participant of different conferences

• attendance of thematic improvement and majors courses

Priority area of practice

• anesthesiological aid to patients with gastrointestinal tract and gynecological diseases, various injuries

• assistance in emergency conditions

• patient preparation for anesthesia

• selection of schemes and medications for anesthesia

• monitoring of patient during surgery

• excretion of patient from state of anesthesia

On professional growth

‘Professional growth is not limited to a doctor attending conferences. Every day we learn and deepen our knowledge from different sources. This is study of periodicals on our specialty, as well as reading news on the Internet and work with our patients. For every patient is a source of practical training. His condition and his body create individuality.’

‘I do not keep scientific activity – from morning till late night I soak myself in practice. And I love it. I try to draw knowledge from professionals who are only engaged in theory. Monthly attend conferences – sometimes it happens even more. This is a very interesting experience, particularly if a conference is of a focused and thematic one.’

A piece of advice for patients

‘All the doctors have long been aware that prevention is the best method of treatment of all diseases. Therefore, in order not to treat a disease in future, it is necessary to take preventive measures in time.

Firstly, lead a healthy lifestyle.

Secondly, normally alternate modes for work and rest.

Thirdly, avoid bad habits.

Fourthly, regularly as a preventive measure, visit doctors for examination.’

Peculiarities of work with patients

‘Resuscitator’s patients are in critical condition, they cannot say what and to what extent disturbs them. At such moments, you work on the boundary between life and death.’

About work

‘Intensivist is a doctor who is in the point of contact of various specializations. Therefore, he must have knowledge in cardiology, pulmonology, allergology, gerontology and neuroscience.’

Hobbies and Interests

‘I try to lead a healthy lifestyle. I do sports. That is a regular physical exercise, as well as work out in gym and walking in the fresh air. I go skiing and ice skating in winter; while in summer I go swimming. I always choose active recreation, travel with my family to the sea and mountains.’

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