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Pankov Konstantin Yurievich

Pankov  Konstantin  Yurievich
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Doctor of the pediatric urology

Children's policlinic on the left bank (21A, Dragomanova St., Kyiv)
33 years of practice

Doctor information: Pankov Konstantin Yurievich


  • Kyiv secondary medical school No.2, speciality «Physician assistant» (1989);
  • Vinnytsya National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, speciality «Pediatrics» (1994);
  • Internship based on Bogomolets National Medical University, speciality «Pediatric surgery» (1997);
  • Specialization based on Kharkiv Medical Academy of Post-graduate Education (KMAPGE), speciality «Pediatric urology» (2000).

Priority area of practice:

  • pediatric urology;
  • emergency care in pediatric urological clinic;
  • management of children with neurogenic bladder;
  • treatment of children suffering from enuresis;
  • planned neurological consultation;
  • treatment, including surgery, of malformations of kidneys, bladder and genitalia;
  • treatment of inflammatory processes of urogenital system.

Public activities

  • author of scientific articles in “Pediatric urology” magazine
  • regular attendance of thematic courses, namely “Actual issues of pediatric neurology”, “Surgical pediatric andrology”, “Emergencies in pediatric urology”; courses at urologic and related departments on various diseases;
  • participation in national and international seminars and conferences;
  • member of Ukrainian Urologists Association and European Society for Paediatric Urology (ESPU)

Peculiarities of pediatric urology

‘Almost all urogenital system inflammations require an antibiotic treatment in order to prevent a risk of transforming into a chronic form. At the same time, there is a stereotype about harm of antibiotics elaborated throughout years that still effects social consciousness.’

‘The first generation of these medications, invented in the 70-80s of the last century, that actually had side effects, had been replaced with the fifth or even sixth generation acting for good long time ago. Paediatricians do not prescribe antibiotics that are contraindicated for children.’

‘Urologic diseases have become younger. Nowadays, kidney stone disease occurs 50% more often than 5-10 years ago. Incidence increases, cancer affects more and more young organisms.’

The most common complaints

  • urogenital tract infection
  • cystitis
  • pyelonephritis

A piece of advice for patients

‘Work for trusting relationship with your children! Over the last month I have twice diagnosed teenagers with “testicular cancer” – a tumor in an advanced stage with metastases already formed. The question arises: why did they address the clinic on such a late stage? The reason is lack of contact with parents. It turns out that teenager has been ill for six months, not saying a word to his parents.’

‘Follow doctor’s prescriptions and do not self-medicate!’

‘Contact a specialist when the first complaints and slightest suspicions of genital and urinary tract disease arise, in order not to get dangerous consequences as a result.’

Other areas of professional interests

  • nephrology
  • neurology
  • gynecology

About work

‘To prevent a disease is easier than to treat.’

«Almost every day, I deal with teenagers of 14-17 years suffering from renal colic – there was no such tendency 10 years ago.’

‘It is harmful for your health to trust anonymous sources from the Internet – there is no reliable information. It can be difficult to convince a patient that his problem must be fought far otherwise than it is said in the Internet.’

‘A good doctor is scrupulous about his work and brings treatment to the bitter end.’

‘The specifics of our profession are that we never forget about work – whether it is night, weekend or a holiday.’

About life

‘Salts deposits and stone formation are directly related to lack of state standards for food in our country and poor quality of water consumed. Body simply cannot cope with an excess of harmful substances.’

‘The best “foreign” experience for a doctor is to diagnose and treat patients from abroad. Doctors in “Dobrobut” treat foreigners – that’s a great experience!’

‘Doctors need to explain to parents why and what for they treat their child and what each individual case can turn into when you ignore medical intervention.’

Hobbies and Interests

‘Sports! You should do sports. Abroad, there are crowds of people of different ages running in the parks – while you can barely see a rare bird at the stadium in our country. Although it would seem, “There, there we have the practice grounds, right next to the house – just go outside and run!”.’

‘I myself try to run at least 3 km in all weather conditions – sprinkling is not an excuse for being lazy.’

‘I try to travel whenever possible. In my young days I even used to go hiking.’

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Price / Quality
Спасибо огромное Юрию Константиновичу! Мегапроффесионал, очень доступно все пояснил, ответил на все вопросы. Внимательный, спокойный, располагающий. У кого ребенок страдает энурезом - однозначно к нему!
Татьяна, спасибо за отзыв и высокую оценку работы доктора. Очень рады, что доктор смог эффективно помочь в решение Вашей проблемы.
С уважением, департамент по контролю качества медицинского обслуживания.
Максимова Елена
Price / Quality
Отличный специалист, будем обращаться к нему постоянно для точной диагностики мочеполовой системы ребенка
Елена, спасибо за положительный отзыв и доверие к доктору.
С уважением, департамент по контролю качества медицинского обслуживания.
Price / Quality
Очень хороший доктор! Рада, что мы попали именно к нему. Всё внимательно выслушал и назначил соответствующее лечение. Очень ему благодарны! Рекомендую
Ирина, спасибо за отзыв и высокую оценку работы доктора!
С уважением, департамент по контролю качества медицинского обслуживания.
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